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College Fuck Fest

Posted in CFNM, College Fuck Fest on November 27th, 2005

As promised in the last post, College Fuck Fest is another college party site in my bookmarks since the last year as I remember. It was the first site to appear featuring those crazy frat parties, that’s what probably took my interest. Guys from College Fuck Fest travel the country in search for crazy college parties to be filmed. Well, actually students invite the team to come to the party through the website. You can too. Lots of crazy footage collected inside College Fuck Fest members area for the past year - everything from lesbian friends kissing to drunk orgies infront of crowds of onlookers and group fuck in SUVs. No doubt that footage is real, though I haven’t been to US and can’t say how that all is actually happens, but if it’s the way it’s shown there - I want to be invited ;)

One free site with two College Fuck Fest picture galleries and one movie gallery goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
Two college cuties licking each other on public during college party
(Pictures taken from College Fuck Fest members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Drunk blonde stripped by two guys then fucked
(Movies taken from College Fuck Fest members area)

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