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Posted in CFNM, Hardcore Partying on April 26th, 2006

Hardcore Partying - you came across this site already, hadn’t you? While the name might sound similar to my fav one Party Hardcore - they have nothing in common. Party Hardcore is from european company Eromaxx featuring chicks going crazy with male strippers at local shows and Hardcore Partying from Adult company is more like Drunk Sex Orgy site - crowds of people drinking and having sex in one place: bar, night club, somebody’s house, etc. Eromaxx’s sites Party Hardcore and Drunk Sex Orgy filmed in Prague, Czech Republic and Adult’s Hardcore Partying holds parties all across America. That’s the difference, definitely worth to check it out anyway - Hardcore Partying.

Real life footage from US sex parties by Hardcore Partying
(Pictures and Movies taken from Hardcore Partying members area)

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