Got this link right before I was going to make today’s post - CFNM Idol, brand new cfnm site from the same folks that created CFNM Exposed. Dedicated and consists of members submitted and voted cfnm scenarios which then get published into video. Well, I like the idea, though it’s not new (Pure CFNM also got few members written stories which seem ‘more’ realistical to me). Episodes are all original and I haven’t seen any of them on CFNM Exposed or elsewhere before. Here’s the latest added one as an example:


“I want to share an experience of mine I had in college. I stayed on campus and I wasn’t dating anyone at the time. It was always difficult for me to masturbate because whenever I was in my dorm room my room mate was always there. I had decided to resort to using the rest rooms but many people would use them. I was in there masturbating to pornography one day (I admit this was a bad idea in retrospect) when I heard some noises coming from outside. I figured it was just people passing by and continued what I was doing. A couple of seconds later two girls burst in and start yelling at me. It turned out they knew I was in there and that I came in to this particular rest room masturbate a lot. I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it, and within seconds they are fucking lecturing me on how to stroke my dick. I was so fucking shocked and before you know it one of the girls is grabbing my damn dick and showing me how to jerk it. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Here I was in the rest room while these girls fucking jerked me off. Unbelievable!!! After a couple of minutes we moved out of the stall and by the sinks, the girls squatted down and took turns jerking my cock off while the other held up the magazine. It was unbelievable and they did such a good fucking job. Some time passed and they had brought me very close to orgasm, and when I finally erupted, they made me cum all over the magazine. The second I was done, they bolted out the door and left me there, with a huge cum-soaked erection.”

Sorry, no free pictures yet available and I was not allowed to post anything from members area before official site release - see video at CFNM Idol. Link to CFNM Idol site with previews of latest added episodes you will find in your today’s portion of links -

Original scenarios submitted by cfnm fans on video from CFNM Idol
(Pictures and Stories featured from CFNM Idol members area)

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  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Idol Samples Says:

    […] Hey there! Heads up for the latest cfnm site to be launched online CFNM Idol - it was officially released the next day after my previous post. Here is a sample gallery for you. […]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Extreme CFNM Strippers Says:

    […] It has been long time since I’ve heard anything from Extreme CFNM team until yesterday. It might seem that first original cfnm sites (Extreme CFNM, 4CFNM, Cheaters Uncovered) blend on the background of popping up new cfnm fantasy collections full of exciting stories and fresh cfnm scenarios (Pure CFNM, CFNM Exposed and now CFNM Idol), but nope - Extreme CFNM guys have been cooking something special for us all that months… and ‘the end is near’ - keep an eye on CFNM Blog and you will learn the news first […]

  3. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Idol CFNM Exposed Says:

    […] Missed something important in my post about CFNM Idol. Remember CFNM Idol belongs to the same guy who created first fantasy cfnm site in history, CFNM Exposed? That’s sound like a logical step and you actually get Access to Both CFNM Sites when you join any of them, either CFNM Idol or CFNM Exposed. Now, that’s a bargain - both sites stuffed with hours of cfnm content and CFNM Exposed conitnued making weekly updates as it did before the beginning of the year when they experienced some problems and hadn’t add any new scenes for a few months. […]

  4. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Medical CFNM Exposed Says:

    […] Guys at CFNM Exposed keep on plastering new scenarios like no other cfnm site after their resurrection in March and I also see a record amount of CFNM Blog readers get their passes this month at CFNM Exposed. Be it their new episodes or special offer of two sites access if join one (remember, when you register at CFNM Exposed you get access to CFNM Idol also with its own original stories and visa versa, read about this offer here). Anyway, I very liked CFNM Exposed latest medical stagings. One ‘Insurance Physical Test’ with mature guy getting inspected in clinic and the other ‘Sperm Donor’ of two nurces milking cock for local cum bank. Full story of the latest one goes below: […]

  5. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Birthday Says:

    […] Almost a year behind now since CFNM Exposed has been launched (see first post here made last September). Lots of things changed on Cfnm arena, it definitely became more popular for this past year then for two- three- years before in total. CFNM Exposed team survived some casualties during new year period and returned back with another great site CFNM Idol (absolutely different site, read here). But first impression CFNM Exposed brought with itself and how it completely turned the world remains. Hey, it inspired me to start Cfnm Blog two weeks later after all. Want some retro? No, we won’t go that far as Brandi Belle with her back-to-’70 ‘T.P. Sex Report’ episode, just return to that moment. I’ve got a collection of very first CFNM Exposed scenarios I haven’t shared with you before. Those of you who are registered with CFNM Exposed probably seen them already, but if not - here’s my favorite one… […]

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