Party Hardcore Strippers

First Party Hardcore show this hot summer season which means girls already appear in light-clothes and some lose them completely during the action. But to the party, stripper Patrick opens it up again, he’s not just a good dancer, but seems to be a nice actor too - saw many of his performances and he’s great. And here Patrick comes out in a Clown- costume, literes of booze and laughing having a good time chicks, most brave of them getting on stage to taste clown’s cock, all done the way you always expect it from Party Hardcore - extremely crazy ;)Read the party follow-up:


“Our hard-bodied stripper Patrick plays a stupendous role as a jovial clown who really gets this audience laughing and having a great time, just what Party Hardcore is all about! The amateur babes here are in for the start of a party of their lives, and the 100 plus chicks are sipping on bubbly and watching the show, but the best show is from our cameras, where you get to see how horny these innocent girls become, and you will love just how far they will go with strangers when given the chance!”

I include a link to free site with couple sample galleries of this cfnm show in your today’s portion of links, for the entire movie go directly to Party Hardcore -

Free CFNM Site
Stripper in clown uniform gets chicks from the audience to suck his dick
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

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