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Update from my kinky favorite - Guys Get Fucked. For those of you who’ve missed the review - no it’s not a gay site (the review is located here). As with some quality sites, updates featured right on the front page of the site. You can either join Guys Get Fucked straight away or bookmark the front page and check back later (I’m physically can’t tell you about all the updates at cfnm sites, and might miss something interesting ;)The update… Last college day for Michael before he graduates, he decides to taste something he has never tasted before - To Take a Class In Women’s Sexual Study, but end up being dildo-fucked in front of the whole class. Full story goes below:


“Michael had one class left at college before he graduated so being the pervert that he was, he decided to sign up to Women’s Sexual Study. He thought it would be an easy way to see some naked college girls. The teacher told Michael that in order to pass class everyone had to take an insertion! Michael was forced to strip off his clothing and to his embarrasment was bent over the teacher’s desk and given an anal insertion in front of the entire class . . . ”

Picture samples of Women’s Sexual Study episode attached in your today’s portion of links, movies can be found at Guys Get Fucked site -

CFNM Picture Gallery
College student Michael being stripped and fucked by his sexy teacher
(Pictures taken from Guys Get Fucked members area)

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