Strict Women Christmas

And here’s your first Christmas present - special week from one of our reviewed cfnm sites - Strict Women. Every day since 18 to 24 of December new episode of Christmas full movie with hot french mistress Chloe punishing and spanking Santa is added. If you are not yet a member of Strict Women site, that’s a fantastic opportunity for you to become one for this week only special low price. Here is the story which comes along with Christmas episode:

“…Miss Chloe returns home from the Christmas party at work and finds Santa in her home eating her mince pies but on greeting him with joy and excitement she discovers that he has not brought her that bike she wanted for Christmas! Not only that but she then discovers that the Santa in Her home is an impostor and in fact the same person she caught burgling Her house the week before (to be released to members at a later date) and gave a sound spanking to at that time. But when the santa impostor denies she punished him the week before and moans that she didn’t even leave any wine for him Miss Chloe is furious and the so called santa is soon across Her lap for a sound spanking indeed!”

I’m adding a straight link to Strict Women site with samples of the episode in your today’s portion of links -

Miss Chloe spanking Santa episode from Strict Women
(Samples taken from Strict Women members area)

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