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CFNM Idol CFNM Exposed

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed, CFNM Idol on May 30th, 2006

Missed something important in my post about CFNM Idol. Remember CFNM Idol belongs to the same guy who created first fantasy cfnm site in history, CFNM Exposed? That’s sound like a logical step and you actually get Access to Both CFNM Sites when you join any of them, either CFNM Idol or CFNM Exposed. Now, that’s a bargain - both sites stuffed with hours of cfnm content and CFNM Exposed continued making weekly updates as it did before the beginning of the year when they experienced some major problems and hadn’t add any new scenes for a few months.

I put links to CFNM Idol and CFNM Exposed sites in your today’s portion of links - you choose which one to register with, but anyway you’re getting access to them both ;)

CFNM Idol @ Members voted cfnm scenarios on video

CFNM Exposed @ Cfnm episodes with breathtaking storylines

Free CFNM Links

Posted in CFNM on May 28th, 2006

Mentioned new Free CFNM Links category page in my previous post about CFNM Party Sex. You might not be familiar with the structure of small cfnm sites listed there - every free site contains two galleries with 10 sample pictures each of either Party Hardcore, Cheaters Uncovered, CFNM Exposed, Pure CFNM or Brandi Belle CFNM content surrounded by links with descriptions of the main site they are taken from… so just follow the links for entire series with full video and the rest of the collection of each main site you preview.

I include a link to Free CFNM Links department of my CFNM Party Sex portal in your today’s portion of links -

Free links to cfnm and cfnm sex sites with picture galleries

CFNM Party Sex

Posted in CFNM on May 26th, 2006

Made face-lift to my cfnm portal - CFNM Party Sex (post about it located here) this weekend. There were a bunch of cfnm links to my resources and other sites all over before, now I left only best membership cfnm sites on the front page and put the others in Top CFNM Sites category (read about it here). Same for my free cfnm sites, they’re sorted by alphabet and you can see only first twenty five of them, the rest located on Free CFNM Links page.

And again, link to my portal below - a very nice bookmark if you still don’t have it yet ;)

CFNM Party Sex @ free links to cfnm sites with pictures and movies

Nurse Lady Sonia

Posted in CFNM, Lady Sonia on May 24th, 2006

Surfed Lady Sonia members area lately (my post about Lady Sonia located here) and this scene excited me most - Lady Sonia wearing short white dress with all that nurse stuff and black fishnet stockings, her patient lies absolutely naked on couch tied up. Lady Sonia bends down exposing her firm breasts to play with his cock and then sucks him off near the wall. All happens in romantic atmosphere by in-door swimming pool.

See full video of ‘Nurse Lady Sonia’ episode and many others at official Lady Sonia site, and few cfnm pics of this goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Lady Sonia in nurse uniform caring her nude patient
(Pictures taken from Lady Sonia members area)

Pure CFNM Action

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on May 22nd, 2006

Latest update from Pure CFNM site for you for today - ‘Brother Caught In The Act’. There was already sister / brother episode ‘Mummys Boy’ where Elliot got humiliated by his sister, this is a different scenario. Now we have a sister Amanda, a brother that got caught jerkning on porn movie and two sisters horny friends invited by Amanda to see what’s her brother is made of. Full story below:


“Amanda is horrified when she bursts into her brother’s bedroom and accidentally catches him lying on his bed naked watching a porn film and playing with himself. She is disgusted and makes fun of him to start with and threatens to tell their parents. James pleads with her not to and her mood lightens as she decides to have some fun with him. She goes to get her friends Charlie and Jess who were hanging out downstairs and they laugh their heads off as they walk in to see the naked boy. They demand to see what he was doing and are astonished as he reveals his huge penis to them - it’s much bigger than anything they have ever seen before. As they crowd round him it gets bigger and bigger and its not long before they are desperate to take turns to wank him themselves. As they pump it harder and faster its not long before they make him cum all over himself.”

Gallery with few clips of ‘Brother Caught In The Act’ episode is in your today’s portion of links, watch full movie inside Pure CFNM -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Three clothed girls wanking off nude guy lying on bed action
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Brandi Belle Gallery

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on May 20th, 2006

Newest Brandi Belle cfnm episode for you - ‘I Put the Whore in Whorrifying’, Brandi gathers four of her female friends in hotel room then brings three naked men, a giant piece of plexiglass, candied apples and orange juice, a pedistal and measuring instruments. The story is represented in a form of joke from Brandi so you won’t understand a thing of what this girl mean anyway :)Better watch cfnm gallery with ‘I Put the Whore in Whorrifying’ scene I attach in your today’s portion of links. Full movie can be accessed inside Brandi Belle -

CFNM Video Gallery
Clothed Brandi and three of her friends play with several nude guys
(Videos taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Brandi Belle Handjob

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on May 18th, 2006

Got few sample pictures from Brandi Belle site for you - episode ‘Handjob Orgy’ with Brandi invites some guy and three of her sexy friends for hot group action. Guy sits on the couch while girls kneel down to jerk his cock. If they leave some of their clothes on that would make the scene even better, but anyway - here’s full story:


“I never knew a handjob could be so exzilerating. For no real rhyme or reason every now and then ill do something totally amazing for one my friends, like maybe a four girl handjob for instance. This was the most fun ive ever had giving a handjob. Actually its probably the most fun ive had for a long time. These girls were so hot and so willing to do whatever i told them. After it was over my friend told me that i was like a general and they were my soldiers. He told me he will be masterbating to this handjob for the rest of his life. That makes me feel good…come to think of it im probably going to be masterbating to this myself. Enjoy it i know you will!!!”

I attach gallery with cfnm pictures of ‘Handjob Orgy’ scene in your today’s portion of links, full movie access inside Brandi Belle -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Brandi assists three of her friends in handjob orgy
(Pictures taken from Brandi Belle members area)

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