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Outdoor CFNM Exposed

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on August 24th, 2006

Add this up to previous CFNM Exposed Birthday post - the First scene from CFNM Exposed as well as very first fantasy cfnm staging in history (before cfnm has been associated with bachelorette parties - Extreme Cfnm and again girls only nights with some participants involved in hardcore action - Party Hardcore) was this Cfnm Outdoor episode. Naughty girl jerk off her boyfriend who fell asleep on couch by the pool while two of her friends watch and giggle.

Find link in your today’s portion of links to site with couple cfnm picture galleries from this scenario, and as usual full videos of all cfnm stories I mention and share with you on Cfnm Blog you can always get inside official sites - this time at Cfnm Exposed.

CFNM Free Site
Girls find a nude man outdoors in the backyard and give him a handjob
(Pictures taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

CFNM Exposed Birthday

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on August 22nd, 2006

Almost a year behind now since CFNM Exposed has been launched (see first post here made last September). Lots of things changed on Cfnm arena, it definitely became more popular for this past year then for two- three- years before in total. CFNM Exposed team survived some casualties during new year period and returned back with another great site CFNM Idol (absolutely different site, read here). But first impression CFNM Exposed brought with itself and how it completely turned the world remains. Hey, it inspired me to start Cfnm Blog two weeks later after all. Want some retro? No, we won’t go that far as Brandi Belle with her back-to-’70 ‘T.P. Sex Report’ episode, just return to that moment. I’ve got a collection of very first CFNM Exposed scenarios I haven’t shared with you before. Those of you who are registered with CFNM Exposed probably seen them already, but if not - here’s my favorite one…

The story was called ‘Birthday Party’, little summary of that: A girl having a birthday, she turns 18 or 21 - what ever is legal at your place to grab cocks :)In the middle of the party rings the bell. One of her friends gets up and goes to open the door, she back with a present - a guy in tight stripper uniform. Find link to site with couple galleries of this scene in your today’s portion of links, and try to dig up full story inside CFNM Exposed members area -

CFNM Free Site
Birthday girl wanks off a nude stripper on party
(Pictures taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

Medical CFNM Exposed

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on June 27th, 2006

Guys at CFNM Exposed keep on plastering new scenarios like no other cfnm site after their resurrection in March and I also see a record amount of CFNM Blog readers get their passes this month at CFNM Exposed. Be it their new episodes or special offer of two sites access if join one (remember, when you register at CFNM Exposed you get access to CFNM Idol also with its own original stories and visa versa, read about this offer here). Anyway, I very liked CFNM Exposed latest medical stagings myself. One ‘Insurance Physical Test’ with mature guy getting inspected in clinic and the other ‘Sperm Donor’ of two nurses milking cock for local cum bank. Full story of the latest one goes below:


“I was sitting in the doctor’s clinic, I had seen an ad in the paper that offered $50 for a sperm donation. I was tight on cash so I jumped at the opportunity. As I sat there glancing around my surroundings, two nurses entered the room. “Hi, I see you are Mr. Finder.” She said, looking at her chart. “I’m Nurse Star, and this is Nurse Sterling - my assistant.” she gestured to other nurse. “So today you’re here for a sperm donation?” she asked. “That’s right.” I said. Her assistant handed me a large cup, I was surprised by its size and didn’t think I could fill it. “Wow” I said, “What happened to the smaller ones?” “Well, now we need a lot more.” the nurse said, “try to fill it as much as possible.” “So I’m assuming I do it right here?” I asked “Yes.” she replied, “We’re just going to leave you here to do that and then in a minute we’ll come back in to see how you did.”
I waited for them to exit the room before standing up and removing my clothes. I looked around my surroundings for a few moment as I stimulated myself, attempting to achieve an erection. It was difficult because I felt nervous, it all seemed very clinical. Shortly after I had started the nurses discretely entered the room again. “Oh my god.” I jumped, “You guys are in here too?” “Well, we thought you might need assistance.” the head nurse said. “It seems like you’re taking a while.” she continued. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to go against your policy or anything.” I replied, feeling slightly confused. “Oh it’s not, we’re a very hands-on type of clinic.” she said…”

I include a link to ‘Sperm Donor’ sample gallery in your today’s portion of links, full story and entire video access inside CFNM Exposed -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Lucky guy gets a handjob by two very horny nurses
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

CFNM Idol CFNM Exposed

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed, CFNM Idol on May 30th, 2006

Missed something important in my post about CFNM Idol. Remember CFNM Idol belongs to the same guy who created first fantasy cfnm site in history, CFNM Exposed? That’s sound like a logical step and you actually get Access to Both CFNM Sites when you join any of them, either CFNM Idol or CFNM Exposed. Now, that’s a bargain - both sites stuffed with hours of cfnm content and CFNM Exposed continued making weekly updates as it did before the beginning of the year when they experienced some major problems and hadn’t add any new scenes for a few months.

I put links to CFNM Idol and CFNM Exposed sites in your today’s portion of links - you choose which one to register with, but anyway you’re getting access to them both ;)

CFNM Idol @ Members voted cfnm scenarios on video

CFNM Exposed @ Cfnm episodes with breathtaking storylines

CFNM Exposed Nudist

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on March 29th, 2006

Front CFNM Exposed page was updated yesterday, first time since for long - new episodes previews added now. Here is the one of them I like - ‘Surprise Nudist Cleaner’. A guy decides to make some extra money and get a job as a nudist cleaner, he supposed to clean the house completely naked. His first clients - two hot girls… Here’s full story:


“It was just before Christmas and I had taken this extra job, part time to raise a little money for presents. The only catch was, it was a naked cleaners service. Basically, people would call up for a cleaner service and I’d get dispatched over to their house. Once I arrived, all I had to do was strip off and clean up around the place. The pay was great and it was easy, but today was my first visit out and I was very nervous. I arrived on time and after double-checking I had the correct address, I got out of my car and jogged up the steps to what appeared to be their front door. I knocked on the door and stood up straight, trying to look cute. The door opened fairly quickly, as if they’d be expecting me. A very attractive girl wearing glasses answered the door and another girl stood behind her. “Hello?” she said. “Hi, maid service!” I said, enthusiastically! “Okay, come in.” She said, she seemed shy. “Okay.” I said, making sure to wipe my feet before stepping inside. I wandered in and looked around before promptly asking, “In here?” gesturing towards what appeared to be the living room. “Yeah, as you can see we hard a pretty heavy party last night.” “Yeah I can tell!” I said, “Well, I’d better get started.” “Okay” said the girl who had greeted me at the door, “We’ll be upstairs if you need anything.” “Okay” I said, slightly confused. Why were they going upstairs if they hired a naked cleaner? I shrugged it off, took off my clothes and began cleaning, not giving it any thought. I started off dusting around the fireplace. After some time the girls came down, and the redhead…”

A link to few sample clips from ‘Surprise Nudist Cleaner’ episode goes in your today’s portion of links, full movie and picture series available at CFNM Exposed -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Two girls giving handjob to a cleaner nudist at work
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

CFNM Exposed Opened

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on March 17th, 2006

Whoah! As of 18th of March - CFNM Exposed is opened up again… Uhm, it hasn’t actually been closed, but there was no updates for awhile if you remember. Not big changes since than I’ve noticed, but here’s a new scenario I haven’t seen before - ‘Sex Clinic’. Man got an appointment in local clinic for annual health checking. Before doctor arrives our lucky guy getting a sexy nurse to take care of him, the action ends up with a tender handjob.

Few clips from CFNM Exposed update goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Hot nurse jerking naked guys cock at sex clinic
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

CFNM Exposed Delayed

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on February 27th, 2006

Got an enquiry from several of you about updates at CFNM Exposed. You might have noticed there were no changes on their front page since december (if you follow updates there), nor was there anything added inside members area since than. I talked to the owner a month ago, he replied some changes are made to provide more comfortable access to the site, while I liked the interface the way it was. I contacted him one week ago, reply was the same - upgrade is in the process. I very liked the idea of CFNM Exposed, this site with its realistic episodes followed by stories was a Huge step forward in whole CFNM History (the other site Pure CFNM shares the same idea by the way), but lack of updates was a definite miss from his side. Be sure I will keep you posted on how things going with CFNM Exposed, remember many of you were registering with CFNM Exposed after each of my post before, which mean you like that too…

Keep tuned

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