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4CFNM Videos

Posted in CFNM, 4CFNM on March 7th, 2006

Dig out very first 4CFNM design - 4CFNM Videos (two others are 4CFNM Blow Job and 4CFNM Drunk Girls), interesting to know 4CFNM is almost 4 years old now, first episode dated 2002. Sad part, 4CFNM is not updated anymore, I’ve been a member there since I first told you about this site in September (post located here) and haven’t seen any updates since than. Another cfnm party site - Loverboys is also running less parties now. Fantasy cfnm sites (Pure CFNM and CFNM Exposed) slowly taking over bachelorette cfnm parties which first introduced us CFNM the way it is now. No, that’s good, CFNM is getting mature and different tendencies popping up. Even the latest pool on cfnm forum shown more people prefer acted cfnm fantasies (like at CFNM Zone for example) to real life cfnm in form it was from the beginning (Cheaters Uncovered and Party Hardcore). Though unquestionable favorite in cfnm party niche remains Party Hardcore with it’s always 4 updates and one new crazy party each month, but it’s not that real as it seems to be after all (will tell you the truth in one of my next posts ;)

In your today’s portion of links I insert direct link to 4CFNM Video tour -

Wild ladies nights out on video from 4CFNM
(Videos taken from 4CFNM members area)

4CFNM Blow Job

Posted in CFNM, 4CFNM on October 30th, 2005

4CFNM got its new update recently with more drunk wives giving blow jobs. Today I’m sharing with you a link to some 4CFNM movie samples of full cfnm blow job videos available for easy download in 4CFNM members area. Not trying to run in forward, but 4CFNM project has it’s own line up of niched cfnm sites (as well as Loverboys) - Drunk Girls Blowjob, Wanking Wenches and their well-know cfnm video store CFNM DVDs, which I will tell you about in my next posts. And now enjoy samples in your today’s portion of links or go straight to 4CFNM blow job department for the entire movies.

CFNM Movie Gallery
Drunk amateur ladies giving blow job to the stripper
(Movies taken from 4CFNM members area)

4CFNM Movies

Posted in CFNM, 4CFNM on October 6th, 2005

I told you about 4CFNM last month - see the post. If you still not yet enjoy the members content, you can watch some 4CFNM movies in your today’s portion of links.

CFNM Movie Gallery 1
Dirty wife sucking strippers cocks
(Movies taken from 4CFNM members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery 2
Amateur girls wanking strippers in front of their friends
(Movies taken from 4CFNM members area)

Iceman 4CFNM

Posted in CFNM, 4CFNM on September 18th, 2005


How was your last couple days? I came across with Iceman from 4CFNM, and I remember I promised to tell you about his site. That is actually up and running nowadays. Iceman said they run less shows now but that is all up. You know, Iceman is not young anymore and new boys coming out to the stage and filling the niche now (Check out Loverboys). But well, 4CFNM. 4 stands for the number of strippers who run the show, Iceman himself, Rider (hot black guy), Sparky (blonde) and sometime you can see Joker in the Movies. They were one of the first, if not the first, who started translating their parties over the ‘net. So 4CFNM will give you the exact idea of how CFNM niche was started. All footage is made in UK, he said they travelled the Kingdom, but most filmed somewhere near London (for ladies - parties are still open and you can ask them for the info to join). And yes, here all the content is documental. Real life Bachelorette Parties with lots of drunk and cock hugry Genuine Housewives. All action is real, you’ll be shocked by the movies, but yes - those married bitches are more than likely to fondle strippers’ cock and even more;) I’m attaching few galleries with members area content in your today’s portion of links so you can have the idea what it’s all about..

CFNM Picture Gallery 1
Real wife jerks cfnm male strippers cock
(Pictures taken from 4CFNM members area)

CFNM Picture Gallery 2
Real wives go crazy with a sexy stripper at cfnm party
(Pictures taken from 4CFNM members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Horny housewives play with Iceman on stage
(Movies taken from 4CFNM members area)

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