Heya, I have something special for you today - CFNM Zone. Site being hidden from publicity for a period of time, now it’s available. All that time it was updated regularly and existing members enjoyed new cfnm pictures and videos 7 days a week, now you can also - visit CFNM Zone. Site contains genuine cfnm footage of different real life situations, be it a man strip club lady owner who measures her new talents or a friendly strip poker party with two girls and two guys who stay completely naked at the end of the game, be it a guy in the shower caught by his female friends or sunny beach with several girlfriends interacting with a stranger who get stripped off. I would say CFNM Zone satisfies all cfnm fantasies possible, but who knows what other cfnm fantasy you can have :)Well, at least one thing is for sure CFNM Zone has enough original cfnm content to keep you busy for a very long time and consider it’s update system - it will make you come back every day. To make it even more appealing, I should definitely mention it’s private amateur cfnm picture collection, all was posted by existing members. I’ve never seen anything like that on any of cfnm sites before - check out CFNM Zone.

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  1. Kat Says:

    I really get turned on watching their movies. It’s great to see ladies in control of all the hard dicks.
    Looks like a site both men and women can and should enjoy. That contest scene is the hottest I’ve ever seen.

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Zone Samples Says:

    […] Some changes were made to CFNM Zone since it became public in October. New tour and new style episodes now added constantly. ‘Dare to Compare’ with girls comparing their guys’ cocks to the ones they see in the magazine, ‘Joni’s Naked Pool Boy’ with naughty girl and her friends stripping down a pool boy, ‘Our Private Show’ with two wives admiring their private stripper’s cock - just some of the latest added ones which grabbed my attention. Now preview of each episode goes with full size pictures, see CFNM Zone site. […]

  3. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » 4CFNM Videos Says:

    […] Dig out very first 4CFNM design - 4CFNM Videos (two others are 4CFNM Blow Job and 4CFNM Drunk Girls), interesting to know 4CFNM is almost 4 years old now, first episode dated 2002. Sad part, 4CFNM is not updated anymore, I’ve been a member there since I first told you about this site in September (post located here) and haven’t seen any updates since than. Another cfnm party site - Loverboys is also running less parties now. Fantasy cfnm sites (Pure CFNM and CFNM Exposed) slowly taking over bachelorette cfnm parties which first introduced us CFNM the way it is now. No, that’s good, CFNM is getting mature and different tendencies popping up. Even the latest pool on cfnm forum shown more people prefer acted cfnm fantasies (like at CFNM Zone for example) to real life cfnm in form it was from the beginning (Cheaters Uncovered and Party Hardcore). Though unquestionable favorite in cfnm party niche remains Party Hardcore with it’s always 4 updates and one new crazy party each month, but it’s not that real as it seems to be after all (will tell you the truth in one of my next posts […]

  4. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Zone Free Says:

    […] Wonder if its spring affect such an activity - CFNM Zone got a facelift. Along with new design, some new episodes were added too. Now you can preview pictures of each episode. Plus if you go to CFNM Zone right now, you will see CFNM DVDs links all over the front page - they are featuring DVD quality movies from CFNM Zone members area, but I didn’t buy anything from them, nor would I advice you to do so: for the price you pay for one DVD with a couple movies you are more likely to get a monthly membership to CFNM Zone with all of them […]

  5. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » New CFNM Zone Says:

    […] I couldn’t pass up this one - Shipwrecked : Rescued by 2 Horny Girls new episode from CFNM Zone. They were original with their stories but this one beat all of them and all of cfnm storylines I’ve ever seen before. Two chicks walking along the beach in the morning notice a guy laying face down near the water, his boat capsizes and storm leaves the Matt on the shore… Full story: […]

  6. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Zone Movies Says:

    […] Got few sample movies from latest update at CFNM Zone - ‘Tied And Tickled’ for you. Story about stripper guy find himself tied up to bed in the morning after crazy night with one of the visitors of striptease bar he works in. Two of her female friends join the action several minutes later. Go to CFNM Zone for entire video of this episode. […]

  7. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Cfnm Blog Anniversary Says:

    […] Yesterday September 14th was a one year since first post on Cfnm Blog. Remember I told you Cfnm Exposed made me start blogging my fantasies about Cfnm niche. One year ago the only popular and known cfnm sites were good ole Loverboys / Extreme Cfnm, not so long ago launched Cheaters Uncovered (basically reselling Loverboys videos), Cfnm Zone and Iceman with his 4Cfnm trilogy which is not updated anymore. Well, secret Party Hardcore was also around but not for everybody. Now look at the list of cfnm sites from the right - total 53 real cfnm or around the niche sites been described. From Cfnm Blog you’ve learned first of the launch of such sites as mentioned Cfnm Exposed, later its sister site but absolutely different Cfnm Idol, american Cfnm USA, britain Pure Cfnm, Brandi Belle Cfnm and others (click each site name for its first post). […]

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