CFNM Exposed Delayed

Got an enquiry from several of you about updates at CFNM Exposed. You might have noticed there were no changes on their front page since december (if you follow updates there), nor was there anything added inside members area since than. I talked to the owner a month ago, he replied some changes are made to provide more comfortable access to the site, while I liked the interface the way it was. I contacted him one week ago, reply was the same - upgrade is in the process. I very liked the idea of CFNM Exposed, this site with its realistic episodes followed by stories was a Huge step forward in whole CFNM History (the other site Pure CFNM shares the same idea by the way), but lack of updates was a definite miss from his side. Be sure I will keep you posted on how things going with CFNM Exposed, remember many of you were registering with CFNM Exposed after each of my post before, which mean you like that too…

Keep tuned

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