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I couldn’t pass up this one - Shipwrecked : Rescued by 2 Horny Girls new episode from CFNM Zone. They were original with their stories but this one beat all of them and all of cfnm storylines I’ve ever seen before. Two chicks walking along the beach in the morning notice a nude guy laying face down near the water, his boat capsizes and storm leaves the Matt on the shore in nothing but torn shorts… Full story:


“Skipper Matt loves the sea. He knows his way around the Seven Seas but when a sudden storm comes up, his boat capsizes and is swept ashore, leaving Matt unconscious at the waters edge. Hours later, with the storm passed two young ladies taking a stroll along a stretch of desolate beach find Matt laying face down on the shore. Concerned for the man in distress, Ginger and Maryanne attend to him, helping him warm up. When he begins to regain consciousness, they help him to his feet and walk him over to a nearby cliff away from the wind and cold water. The girls become curious when they see Matt’s shorts have been ripped to shreds from the storm, leaving his dick and balls exposed to their view. They encourage the still shaky guy to get out of his wet shorts. Matt is a bit modest but allows the girls to remove his shorts after they insist, leaving him naked and exposed. The girls feast their eyes on the nude male while helping him regain his strength, content at first just to look at his sizeable cock while exchanging knowing looks and smiles. But girls will be girls and soon Skipper Matt is not the only one getting warmed up. These horny young ladies can’t control themselves and decide to see if his cock still works properly. And boy does it Ever! It’s a female voyeur’s dream come true! And every man’s fantasy…”

View sample pictures of Shipwrecked : Rescued by 2 Horny Girls story on the front page of CFNM Zone site and access full series plus movie inside, link is in your today’s portion of links -

Nude guy getting rescued by naughty girls on the beach by CFNM Zone
(Pictures and Movies taken from CFNM Zone members area)

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