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Nurse Lady Sonia

Posted in CFNM, Lady Sonia on May 24th, 2006

Surfed Lady Sonia members area lately (my post about Lady Sonia located here) and this scene excited me most - Lady Sonia wearing short white dress with all that nurse stuff and black fishnet stockings, her patient lies absolutely naked on couch tied up. Lady Sonia bends down exposing her firm breasts to play with his cock and then sucks him off near the wall. All happens in romantic atmosphere by in-door swimming pool.

See full video of ‘Nurse Lady Sonia’ episode and many others at official Lady Sonia site, and few cfnm pics of this goes in your today’s portion of links -

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Lady Sonia in nurse uniform caring her nude patient
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Lady Sonia Interracial

Posted in CFNM, Lady Sonia on April 8th, 2006

Got a weird interest from some of you on Lady Sonia sucking black cock scene and yesterday went to dig Lady Sonia members area a bit to find one - Lady Sonia appears to be in sexy black costume, black stockings with black half-naked guy carrying a huge long dong as you desired. Leaving your alone with your fantasies for today… Enjoy! ;)

Link to Lady Sonia’s interracial episode attached in your today’s portion of links, full video see at Lady Sonia site -

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Lady Sonia kneeling down to suck a big black cock
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Lady Sonia CFNM

Posted in CFNM, Lady Sonia on October 8th, 2005

Well, as I started with female domination and CFNM niche connection. Here is a site which is a must for any bookmarks - Lady Sonia. She calls herself British Premier Fetishist and Exhibitionist and I would add she is a damn hot mature lady with a great body whose passion is to dominate absolutely naked men. Almost in every scene Lady Sonia appears fully clothed, leaving you with a hope to get a peek on the parts of her beautiful body. Sometimes you get a chance to peek on her sexy nipples though, or a pussy, sometimes another mistress appears in the episode, but the idea always stays the same - nude men get dominated by sexy clothed women. With such sites as Lady Sonia porn becomes an Art. Useless to say, it’s a huge portal with a big history. Most appealing is the idea of the updates: new pictures, videos and stories added seven(7) days a week, you are always provided with new cfnm content every day, that’s Fantastic - Check out Lady Sonia.

Today’s portion of links contains Lady Sonia members area pictures and clips -

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Nude man getting masturbated by clothed Lady Sonia
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Lady Sonia jerking off two naked guys tied up to couches
(Movies taken from Lady Sonia members area)

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