Pure Cfnm Strip

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on November 24th, 2006

Friday’s Pure Cfnm update - ‘Helping Sister’s Friend’. Mom Wendy tries to raise her daughter’s friend Emma’s ego who seems to haven’t feel a guy before. Wendy calls in her son Nick and tells him to strip in front of them all. Nick is hesitant to undress but Wendi remains insistent and Nick starts slowly removing his clothes. Emma’s mood goes up as goes up Nick’s cock. Full story below..:


“Ashleigh’s friend Emma is upset because she thinks she is ugly and none of the boys fancy her. Ashleigh’s mum, Wendy, decides to do something to boost Emma’s ego. She calls in her son Nick and tells him to strip! Nick is shocked and refuses but Wendy is insistent and soon Emma’s tears melt away as Nick starts undressing right in front of her. He is reluctant to undress totally but Wendy quickly whips off his underwear giving Emma and a very embarrassed Ashleigh full view of his cock. Wendy then proceeds to give Emma instructions on how to play with it and even gets Ashleigh to demonstrate her own technique on her brother! With the three of them taking turns to play with his hard-on, its not long before the embarrassed Nick cums all over the table prompting cries of “well done!” from his mum!”

Links to several preview clips of ‘Helping Sister’s Friend’ scene attached in your today’s portion of links, watch episode full video at Pure Cfnm -

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Nick forced to strip by three girls a mom, sister and her friend
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Brandi Belle Twin

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on November 22nd, 2006

Haven’t told you, our cfnm girl Brandi Belle has a copy of herself. Well, not exactly a copy, but a girl who once performed Brandi’s duties while she was away. Her name is Ellie, very beautiful girl, she first appeared in episode ‘Jury Duty’ a month ago. That was so huge success that Brandi asks her to act again, in cfnm scene this time - ‘Guess Who’s Back’. Brandi goes on holiday and sends Ellie on stage so she could demonstrate her abilities in sucking cock… Read story:


“Think of ellie as that hot substitue teacher you used to get in highschool…just as long as you think of me as the even hotter (sorry ellie i love you) permanant teacher who you have all grown to love and adore and to whom you owe a great deal of gratitude for how much she has taught you throughout your relationship…oh wow sorry guys you know how i get a little out of control sometimes. Anyway so i had to go on a bit of a vavation (but not to worry ill be back next week yo know i cant go more than a week without seeing you guys…i go crazy) which as for the vacation ill tell you all about in my next blog. So im still getting emails from you guys about my dear freind ellie so i asked her if she owuldnt mind being a fill in and she gladly said yes. Shes giving a friend of mine named ricky a blowjob…and i have to admit i could actually learn a thing or two form ellie about givin bjs…so dont miss me too much…BUT MISS ME TOO LITTLE EITHER!!! haha lol BUT SERIOSULY!!! ok guys gotta run ill miiss youu xoxo! bye!”

Link to sample clip of ‘Guess Who’s Back’ episode find in your today’s portion of links, watch other scenes with Ellie and Brandi at Brandi Belle site -

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Brandi’s twin gives a great blowjob to stranger guy
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Cfnm Exposed Clips

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on November 20th, 2006

Few Cfnm Exposed clips to add to Cfnm Blog collection. Those are from first original Cfnm Exposed episode where guy sleeping outdoors in nothing but shorts gets mocked on and jekred off by his girlfriend and two other friends who come back after shopping. I mentioned this scene before, even shared some pictures with you (post located here) and now see movie clips alongside with story…

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Naughty girls cut boyfriends shorts to play with his cock
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Pure Cfnm Anniversary

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on November 18th, 2006

Pure Cfnm celebrates its first anniversary this month. And Charlie invites both me and you to take part in contest devoted to it which is held at Pure Cfnm forum. Rules’re simple, you write a screen-play for next Pure Cfnm episode. Prize’s amazing, you get your story filmed just as you wanted it to be. Plus, if you live somewhere near London you will receive an invitation to see the whole screening process from the beginning to end! Link to Pure Cfnm Contest rules page located in your today’s portion of links below -

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Write scenario for Pure Cfnm and watch it acted for real

Extreme Cfnm Clips

Posted in CFNM, Extreme CFNM on November 16th, 2006

To follow movie clips from Loverboys USA members area let me also share with you a couple from its sister site - Extreme Cfnm. Those are of much bigger size and better quality almost same as you get them inside Extreme Cfnm. This time party takes place in Sheffield, UK. A naked male stripper grabs housewife from the audience and takes her on stage… Wonder if she sucks her happy husband’s cock like she does Extreme Cfnm stripper’s.

Link to Extreme Cfnm Movies find in your today’s portion of links -

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Real wife gives a great blowjob to male stripper on stage
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Loverboys USA Movies

Posted in CFNM, Loverboys USA on November 14th, 2006

Addition to Cfnm Blog collection, now you can preview Loverboys USA movies. Those guys are strict like no one and allowed me to grab only couple small clips from their earlier cfnm parties to share with you. It makes viewing them non-less exciting : first with experienced wife have a taste of stripper cock with her long tongue to make sure it tastes right before taking it all into her mouth, second with a girl one of those who say “no I won’t do this” but in final receive it deep inside.

Link to Loverboys Movies attached in your today’s portion of links. These are small dial-up sized clips, you get much bigger resolution inside Loverboys USA members are -

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Naughty stripper gets two chicks from audience to suck his dick
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Be The Bitch

Posted in CFNM, Be The Bitch on November 12th, 2006

Long time since I present you to new cfnm site… Don’t count CFNM Europe. And here’s the one might be interesting to you - Be The Bitch. First it comes from producers of CFNM Exposed & CFNM Idol and few other sites I told you about on Cfnm Blog. Second it shares the same idea with Guys Get Fucked site. Inside Be The Bitch normal straight guys get stripped and humiliated by being fucked with strap-ons and dildos. Sort of hardcore cfnm for true perverts ;)

Check few movies from Be The Bitch in the link attached in your today’s portion of links to find out if it’s your thing or not, or go directly to Be The Bitch for actual videos and episodes previews -

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Horny lady bends a guy over and fucks him doggy style
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