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Rob And Jill CFNM

Posted in CFNM, Rob And Jill on January 14th, 2006

Remember this perverted family Rob And Jill? Naughty housewife Jill stroking her hubby’s cock and don’t let him to ejaculate? Review is here. Well, the news is… While we considere Rob And Jill site cfnm, they considered it just another handjob site, what a miss, lol. Now Rob And Jill opens special department for cfnm fanatics like us - see Rob And Jill CFNM page. On the page you can see preview of the videos they offer for downloading inside, besides Rob And Jill some other participants appear in them. Plus now the site running two times/week live webcam shows with Jill playing with Rob’s cock.

In your today’s portion of links goes a direct link to Rob And Jill cfnm page with samples -

CFNM video galleries from Rob And Jill
(Videos taken from Rob And Jill members area)

Rob And Jill

Posted in CFNM, Rob And Jill on November 5th, 2005

My friend, another cfnm fan, just shared this link with me - Rob And Jill. As he commented on it “…the right man ejaculation technics”, well that’s pretty weird technics, I should say. Jill is a sexy mature wife acts as a mistress while her hubby plays the role of a slave. Jill usually appears fully clothed and Rob wearing blue tshirt with his pants down. Experienced Jill shares different masturbation technics. All the footage seems rather painful to the guy, but you can’t actually see Rob’s face(only his cock most of the time) - so I can’t tell if he likes it or not, but Jills seems to enjoy the process of stopping Rob’s ejaculation each time he comes to the point. Rather weird stuff which makes Rob And Jill site attractive.

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