From all the cfnm sites only 4CFNM realease their shows on DVDs, you can order right now at CFNM DVDs. Awesome idea, I think. No need to log in to the site each time you want to see the movies - just plug in your DVD player, sit in your comfy chair and enjoy 60 minutes of pure cfnm action from real life shows filmed in Wales, England. The price isn’t high and well-worth it, plus to make it a no refuse offer they give you free access to all of their sites(4CFNM, Drunk Girls Blowjob, Wanking Wenches and others). Another chance for those of you who still not a member of 4CFNM portal to join it - click here! ;)

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    […] Recently opened - Loverboys DVD shop. Unlikely CFNM DVDs from 4CFNM, Loverboys has several cfnm dvds in stock to choose from. Well, not to choose - any true cfnm fan will order them all for sure Each DVD has 40 minutes of real life cfnm parties footage and available either in NTSC format for US or PAL for Europe. For a total of 6 Volumes of Loverboys video, one volume of Extreme CFNM video and one DVD with beautiful man cfnm striptease specially for women. Just to mention, DVDs contains only the most interesting party scenes to the editors view and can’t hold the whole amount of Loverboys members area inner content. To get inside Loverboys members area - go here and for Extreme CFNM - register here. […]

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