Hot out of press - CFNM USA! First CFNM material ever filmed in America. Well, probably staged(you never know it). I’m friends with the owner, but hasn’t caught him yet to ask about this project. The guy had a huge CFNM portal down there, now transformed it to a decent cfnm site which is loaded with tons of exclusive cfnm videos, pictures is also available for each series. He make all the material himself and guarantee you never see this content anywhere than his CFNM USA site. Some of the last episodes: The girl with her female friend catching her boyfriend masturbating in his room before sleep, Group of naughty american chicks getting private stripper to masturbate infront of them, The waiter invited to serve the girls party getting stripped and jerked off. CFNM USA is definitely worth a visit either you are an american and very willing to see it or one of us european cfnm fans - Enter here.

In your today’s portion of links I include two cfnm picture galleries presenting some of CFNM USA content -

CFNM Picture Gallery 1
Pizza boy performing some strip show for cock hungry female clients
(Pictures taken from CFNM USA members area)

CFNM Picture Gallery 2
Guy getting caught masturbating by his girlfriend and her friend
(Pictures taken from CFNM USA members area)

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  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM USA Site Says:

    […] Hey almost missed CFNM USA development with all that stuff to tell you about. First I metioned CFNM USA in November (see review here), it was just released and I remember the problem was with rather low-quality movies. Now, everything is fixed. CFNM USA is filled up with tons if good quality cfnm content, plus now you can watch free movie trailer on the front page of each newly added episode inside the members area. I include link to CFNM USA tour with cfnm movie samples in your today’s portion of links - […]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Cfnm Blog Anniversary Says:

    […] Yesterday September 14th was a one year since first post on Cfnm Blog. Remember I told you Cfnm Exposed made me start blogging my fantasies about Cfnm niche. One year ago the only popular and known cfnm sites were good ole Loverboys / Extreme Cfnm, not so long ago launched Cheaters Uncovered (basically reselling Loverboys videos), Cfnm Zone and Iceman with his 4Cfnm trilogy which is not updated anymore. Well, secret Party Hardcore was also around but not for everybody. Now look at the list of cfnm sites from the right - total 53 real cfnm or around the niche sites been described. From Cfnm Blog you’ve learned first of the launch of such sites as mentioned Cfnm Exposed, later its sister site but absolutely different Cfnm Idol, american Cfnm USA, britain Pure Cfnm, Brandi Belle Cfnm and others (click each site name for its first post). […]

  3. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Cfnm USA Poker Says:

    […] Seem like ‘Strip Poker’ scene become a standard cliche setup among cfnm fantasy sites. I’ve already told you about ‘Cheated at Strip Poker’ from Pure Cfnm, Cfnm Exposed ‘Strip Poker’, even cfnm girl Brandi Belle has one - ‘Poker I Dont Even Know Her’ and now ‘Strip Poker II’ by Cfnm USA (there was a part one, you can find it inside Cfnm USA). No, I’m not saying anything against mentioned cfnm sites, they are all full packed with their own exclusive scenarios, it’s just interesting to see how the same plot can be role-played by several sites with different actors and scripts. And I think ‘Strip Poker’ scenario idea is by far the only one they all share. Cfnm USA variant textual preview: […]

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