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  1. Suzanne Slater Says:

    WifeysWorld is an extraordinary site! My husband introduced me to it and we typically enjoy viewing it together. Often, we mutually masturbate while watching the extensive videos section. Hubby, as Wifey refers to her spouse, possesses a sculpted erection of average length but with a large girth. He’s circumcised, his penis capped with a beautiful, sculpted helmet-like hood. Wifey’s gorgeous but possesses an enhanced body since about 2003. They’re obviously exhibitionists but no third parties are present during their affectionate sex sessions. Hubby films Wifey’s fellatio, his ejaculations, and her orgasms with up to two vibrators. Intercouse is filmed via a tripod. I particularly enjoy closeups of Hubby’s orgasms which at times culminate with up to six ribbons of sperm often striking his spouse’s nose, chin and lips. Frequently, Wifey swallows his copious load. In many years of viewing the site I’ve never seen any anal intercourse but, on occasion, Hubby inserts a digit into Wifey’s pink spincter. What distinguishes their lovemaking is an obvious committed relationship in which Wifey adores Hubby’s cock. She’s a genuine American fellatrix with a passion for oral sex and fire-in-the-belly zeal for semen. Wifey’s a mother and typical woman-next-door, and - I suspect - a rich one as well! Check it out and enjoy. Let me know what you think, Suzanne [[email protected]]

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