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Christmas Sex Orgy

Posted in CFNM, Drunk Sex Orgy on December 31st, 2005

Recently put online footage from strippers Christmas sex party held by Drunk Sex Orgy site. Prague male and female strippers gather for annual drunk fuck fest a day before Christmas night. Which means litres of champagne, beautiful bodies, all fucking in one sweating mass. I told you about Drunk Sex Orgy before (review here). New facts I learned since then - it’s the Only site which takes the idea of sex orgy featuring not two three couples fucking in one room, but thirty-fourty couples in one massive orgy. No other site ever featured that. I talked to the guys who do web sites reviews, who’ve seen a LOT of different sites, and they told me the same. Drunk Sex Orgy is unique site even in its own niche. Add the highest quality videos and pictures ever available on the web by Eromaxx and you get a site thousands of people enjoying months.

Free site with two sample galleries from Drunk Sex Orgy Christmas party goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
Christmas party with hot strippers fucking in one massive orgy
(Pictures taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Straight Guys Get Fucked

Posted in CFNM, Guys Get Fucked on December 29th, 2005

Update from my kinky favorite - Guys Get Fucked. For those of you who’ve missed the review - no it’s not a gay site (the review is located here). As with some quality sites, updates featured right on the front page of the site. You can either join Guys Get Fucked straight away or bookmark the front page and check back later (I’m physically can’t tell you about all the updates at cfnm sites, and might miss something interesting ;)The update… Last college day for Michael before he graduates, he decides to taste something he has never tasted before - To Take a Class In Women’s Sexual Study, but end up being dildo-fucked in front of the whole class. Full story goes below:


“Michael had one class left at college before he graduated so being the pervert that he was, he decided to sign up to Women’s Sexual Study. He thought it would be an easy way to see some naked college girls. The teacher told Michael that in order to pass class everyone had to take an insertion! Michael was forced to strip off his clothing and to his embarrasment was bent over the teacher’s desk and given an anal insertion in front of the entire class . . . ”

Picture samples of Women’s Sexual Study episode attached in your today’s portion of links, movies can be found at Guys Get Fucked site -

CFNM Picture Gallery
College student Michael being stripped and fucked by his sexy teacher
(Pictures taken from Guys Get Fucked members area)

Pure CFNM Movies

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on December 27th, 2005

Last night I was informed of the newest episode from Pure CFNM. Pictures are available since yesterday morning and cfnm movies are coming up this Friday. Episode ‘Mummys Boy’. Breakfast time, high school age brother and sister. The last one spills juice over her brothers below-waist area, you can’t say it was on purporse or not, lol. Mom appears trying to remove the spot off Elliot’s trousers - no result. Trousers should be removed and cleaned. Mom leaving the siblings, while naughty sister decides to force her half-naked brother to jerk for her. Poor Elliot has nothing to do than obey. In the culmination moment mom comes in. Read the story:


“Elliot walks into the kitchen to have breakfast just like any other morning. Unfortunately his sister spills juice down the front of his trousers and his mother insists on removing his trousers so she can wash them.
He is very embarrassed at having to strip in front of his sister but his mother won’t take no for an answer and soon he is sitting back at the table naked from the waist down with his sister trying to see his cock!
She forces him to show it to her and then to start wanking or else she will tell their mother that he tried to put his hand up her skirt. Poor Elliot has to masturbate for her and even when his mother returns and sits down to read the newspaper, his sister won’t let him stop.
Eventually his mother sees what is going on and is furious at first but then decides to see what her boy is really made of and she touches and gropes his balls until he cums in front of them both!”

Free site with two sample galleries from ‘Mummys Boy’ episode attached in your today’s portion of links, watch the full movie inside Pure CFNM members area -

CFNM Free Site
Naughty sister staring at her brothers cock and forcing him to wank
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Christmas CFNM

Posted in CFNM on December 25th, 2005

As promised:

For myself I discovered cfnm somewhere in the middle of this year, since then I started collecting all the cfnm pictures I find and putting them on CFNM Party Sex, I can’t tell for sure how many pictures are there, but well over 1000. Full cfnm movies of almost each series you can download on the same name site pictures are taken from (see banners next to the pictures on each page). Two words about structure of CFNM Party Sex - on the very top you get links to 4 cfnm galleries, which change every 2 days. Below is a list of cfnm sites I could find with a brief description each (I told you about all of them in my posts on this blog - make a search). And after that comes a huge list of cfnm free sites, each contain two cfnm galleries. All free sites were created by me, I declare they are clean and you will enjoy the trip ;)

Visit - CFNM Party Sex (free links to cfnm sites)

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Glory Hole Girlz

Posted in CFNM, Glory Hole Girlz on December 23rd, 2005

Think I should tell you about this of my friend Dirty D’s site - Glory Hole Girlz… I describe you the glory hole idea in Glory Hole site’s review (located here). Now, something from professionals. Glory Hole Girlz and Dirty D himself became famous being featured in one of Playboy TV sexcetera episodes. All Glory Hole Girlz action takes place in sunny Florida where sun makes people crazy enough for the things like sucking complete strangers cock trough the hole in special cabins there are almost in every adult bookstoore. Local amateur sluts, young and mature, but always hungry for cock visit such places on purporse or either Dirty D meets them on the street, or his friends who are always for something extreme, or that woman hair stylist he met when cutting his hair and so on. Huge gallery with featured sluts can be seen right on the front, each girls page has free video preview.

I include some Glory Hole Girlz samples in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Tan 19yr blonde hair stylist sucking strangers cock
(Pictures taken from Glory Hole Girlz members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Amateur blonde milf sucking cock in gloryhole
(Movies taken from Glory Hole Girlz members area)

and don’t forget to visit us on 25th Christmas Day, I have something special for you ;)

Pure CFNM Free

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on December 21st, 2005

New episode ‘Hiding In The Cupboard’ filmed in the beginning of this week and since yesterday already available in Pure CFNM members area for downloading. Hurry up to get it hot ;)What makes it special? Some of my cfnm pals are dying for hot blonde Jamie featured in couple of Pure CFNM espisodes already and now appears again in ‘Hiding In The Cupboard’ episode. I would watch this girl act all day long myself, she’s a real cutie… Oh, well the story -


“Jamie has been spying on her nextdoor neighbour for weeks. His cock is huge and she can’t take her eyes off it - so much so that she tells her friend Kyla about it. Kyla desperately wants to see it for herself so they break into his house and hide in the cupboard.
But when Mr Edwards gets home he catches them. He is shocked at first but, standing there half naked in front of them, he soon succumbs to the interest these two gorgeous young girls are taking in his cock. They grope, fondle and inspect his cock until he shoots a big load of cum all over himself while the girls sit watching in amazement.
After they leave, he lies there dreaming of the fantasy that just came true . . . until his wife comes home and catches him lying there covered in cum.”

In your today’s portion of links I’m including some free samples of ‘Hiding In The Cupboard’ episode (Jamie appears there) -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Jamie and her friend got caught in the cupboard by a half naked man
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Hot clothed blonde giving a handjob to her naked neighbour
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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