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Pure CFNM Handjob

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on August 10th, 2006

Just before I went to sleep yesterday got a reminder from Charlie about next new scene added to magnificent Pure CFNM collection - ‘The Biker’s Bulge’. Two girls Emma and Jane meet up a guy on sportsbike on their way through the forest, not long time pass when Jane passionate for guys on bikes asks for a ride. She gets it, and rider gets a great handjob from both hot chicks. Read full story bellow..:


“Jane loves motorbikes and as Dan pulls up on his Honda she starts to drool before asking him if he will take her for a ride. Emma is unimpressed and stays behind but when the two return, she sees that Jane’s hands have dropped from holding on round the waist to actually grabbing his groin! As she gets off the bike, Jane calls Emma over and tells her she accidentally grabbed lower down as they were riding along but was amazed at how big his bulge was. Emma has a feel for herself but thinks it must be the denim and the two girls force him to take his trousers off to prove it’s not. As they fondle and grope him through his underwear the biker gets quite aroused and its not long before the underwear comes off too. As his cock comes into sight the girls lick their lips and take turns to grab hold and see how big they can make it. As they take it in turns to pump his cock it’s not long before he cums all over their hands!”

Link to samples gallery of ‘The Biker’s Bulge’ episode is in your today’s portion of links, full video of this story and all others watch at Pure CFNM -

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Two blondes giving a handjob to stranger outdoors
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Pure CFNM Voyeur

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on July 7th, 2006

Voyeur cfnm episode brought to you in the latest update at Pure CFNM - ‘Tied To A Tree’… College pals tie Paul up to the tree in some public yard where he can easily be seen by passers-byes and to make his life even more difficult they take his trousers off and leave him in the underwear. First walkers to notice him appear to be a group of young ladies from the same college. Read full story:


“Paul’s mates are playing a college prank on him by tying him to a tree in an area of the local woods frequented by walkers. After tying him up they pull his trousers down leaving him with just his boxer shorts on! Unfortunately for Paul the first walkers that come by are all female and rather than letting him go they decide to have a bit of fun with him and pull his shorts down so they can see his cock!
At first Paul is horrified and embarrased but he soon relaxes as the girls grab hold of his cock and start stroking him to see how big it gets. They take it in turns to wank him all the time wondering how far he will shoot when he cums. They have a bet and lay out rocks on the ground to see where he will cum to. One of the girls even lies in front of him and shows off her knickers to make him cum and they start laughing hysterically when he does shoot to the second marker! Then they run off leaving him still tied up and naked ready for the next set of walkers coming by!”

Watch entire video of ‘Tied To A Tree’ scenario at Pure CFNM or check sample clips before in your today’s portion of links -

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Three girls find a guy tied up in the wood and stroke his cock
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Pure CFNM Video

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on June 25th, 2006

Last week update from Pure CFNM - ‘Trapped In the Sunroof’ brings us outdoors which ads up more spice into the scenes as actors are risking or being caught by people around. Brand-new black Mercedes, two women and a husband one of them. James and Kaz his wife taking a car they’re looking to buy at for a drive, Faye the saleswoman goes with them. During the trip Kaz notices her hubby looks down Faye’s top several times and as they stop to discuss the deal she decides to teach him good manners… Read full story:


“James and Kaz have just taken a new car for a test drive with saleswoman Faye. However, during the drive Kaz has noticed her husband looking down Faye’s top and she is not happy about it at all. When they park up to discuss the deal she encourages him to check out the sunroof and then quickly closes it to trap him in it. She wants to teach him a lesson and with him wedged helpless in the sunroof she undoes his trousers and pulls down his underwear exposing his cock and balls to the saleswoman! Its not long before both girls are having a stroke to get him harder while they ridicule him for being a pervert and looking down girls tops. Brandi is out for a walk in the countryside and when she sees what is happening and hears the story she joins in too. Eventually having his cock stroked by three girls is too much for James and he cums all over his wife’s top and the car!”

In your today’s portion of links you will find cfnm video samples of ‘Trapped In the Sunroof’ episode, watch entire movie of this and all the rest scenarios at Pure CFNM -

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Two ladies stroking guys cock inside the car in public place
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Pure CFNM Action

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on May 22nd, 2006

Latest update from Pure CFNM site for you for today - ‘Brother Caught In The Act’. There was already sister / brother episode ‘Mummys Boy’ where Elliot got humiliated by his sister, this is a different scenario. Now we have a sister Amanda, a brother that got caught jerkning on porn movie and two sisters horny friends invited by Amanda to see what’s her brother is made of. Full story below:


“Amanda is horrified when she bursts into her brother’s bedroom and accidentally catches him lying on his bed naked watching a porn film and playing with himself. She is disgusted and makes fun of him to start with and threatens to tell their parents. James pleads with her not to and her mood lightens as she decides to have some fun with him. She goes to get her friends Charlie and Jess who were hanging out downstairs and they laugh their heads off as they walk in to see the naked boy. They demand to see what he was doing and are astonished as he reveals his huge penis to them - it’s much bigger than anything they have ever seen before. As they crowd round him it gets bigger and bigger and its not long before they are desperate to take turns to wank him themselves. As they pump it harder and faster its not long before they make him cum all over himself.”

Gallery with few clips of ‘Brother Caught In The Act’ episode is in your today’s portion of links, watch full movie inside Pure CFNM -

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Three clothed girls wanking off nude guy lying on bed action
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Pure CFNM Pov

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on May 4th, 2006

New scenario from Pure CFNM. But first, you know what ‘Pov’ term is staying for? Abbreviation for ‘Point Of View’, when you are the main person in the scene - you don’t see a guy’s face, only his cock and few girls playing with it, you’re supposed to imagine this cock is Yours :)Well, pretty interesting if you’ve never tried that before. So update is ‘Point Of View CFNM’, here’s the original:


“A CFNM scene shot as if the action is actually happening to you, the viewer!
Natalia, Franky and Emma catch you stroking your cock and after their initial shock decide to watch for a bit. However, it’s not long before they like the look of your cock and decide to take over the stroking themselves.
They talk very dirty to you about how much they enjoy wanking a man’s cock and seeing him wank it. They call you names and play and fondle your cock until it erupts all over their hands.
But that’s not the end of it! They then play with the cum all over their hands and milk every last drop before leaving you spent and exhausted!”

I attach sample picture gallery of ‘Point Of View CFNM’ episode in your today’s portion of links, but I’d suggest you better watch full movie at Pure CFNM - it appears much more realistic there:

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Two hot blondes and beautiful brunette stroking Your cock
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Pure CFNM Stroking

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on April 28th, 2006

For those of you who follow our Pure CFNM newsletter, latest episode - ‘Uncle’s Dressing Gown’. New participants, Tiffany invites her friends, Yazmin and Natasha to her uncle’s place. Uncle meets the girls in a dressing gown. Two of the girls sit in front of uncle when they notice he wears no panties under his robe. Full story below:


“Tiffany goes round to see a long-standing family friend who she refers to as “uncle”. She takes her two friends Yazmin and Natasha with her but when they take a seat on the sofa they are shocked to see that they can see right up her uncle’s dressing gown. They try to ignore it but as they sit there making small talk and sipping their tea the girls have to mention it and uncle nearly dies of embarrassment. However, it seems the girls quite liked what they saw beneath his robe and they ask for another, closer look. Not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, the hesitant uncle undoes his robe and shows them his naked body and its not long before the girls are grabbing hold themselves for a good old feel! As he sits there stroking himself for them and then getting wanked by these three young girls its not long before the uncle reaches a very loud orgasm much to the girls delight.”

I include cfnm gallery with sample pictures of ‘Uncle’s Dressing Gown’ episode in your today’s portion of links, full series plus video of this and many other great cfnm stories see at Pure CFNM -

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Uncle stroking cock in front of his niece and her two friends
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Pure CFNM Photos

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on April 10th, 2006

Just got a reminder from Charlie, Pure CFNM owner, on the next update - ‘The TV Censorship Board’. Remember the guy Kelvin, a male model from ‘Jenny’s Talk Show’ who got nude and masturbated right in front of the camera? He was hauled and had to answer for his actions. Guess what? The committee consists of all-females who insist on seeing what’s happened for real… :)The story:


“After his performance on the Jenny Talk Show where he masturbated and came on live television, male model Kelvin is hauled in front of the television censorship board to answer for his actions. He protests his innocence but the all-female review board are not convinced and tell him that unless they see exactly what happened for themselves then he will never work in television again. Reluctantly he strips off in front of the stern-faced panel but as he removes his trousers, their mood starts to lift.
One by one they get up from their seats to have a closer inspection and even start to feel his cock for themselves, causing it to get aroused. The female watchdogs are soon wanking him furiously and after a while Kelvin can’t hold back and cums all over the table. The board seems to be impressed though and recommends he be let off without punishment.”

Full picture and video series of ‘The TV Censorship Board’ and others you can find at Pure CFNM, I include few sample photos in your today’s portion of links -

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Nude guy getting jerked off by a group female censors
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