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Last night I was informed of the newest episode from Pure CFNM. Pictures are available since yesterday morning and cfnm movies are coming up this Friday. Episode ‘Mummys Boy’. Breakfast time, high school age brother and sister. The last one spills juice over her brothers below-waist area, you can’t say it was on purporse or not, lol. Mom appears trying to remove the spot off Elliot’s trousers - no result. Trousers should be removed and cleaned. Mom leaving the siblings, while naughty sister decides to force her half-naked brother to jerk for her. Poor Elliot has nothing to do than obey. In the culmination moment mom comes in. Read the story:


“Elliot walks into the kitchen to have breakfast just like any other morning. Unfortunately his sister spills juice down the front of his trousers and his mother insists on removing his trousers so she can wash them.
He is very embarrassed at having to strip in front of his sister but his mother won’t take no for an answer and soon he is sitting back at the table naked from the waist down with his sister trying to see his cock!
She forces him to show it to her and then to start wanking or else she will tell their mother that he tried to put his hand up her skirt. Poor Elliot has to masturbate for her and even when his mother returns and sits down to read the newspaper, his sister won’t let him stop.
Eventually his mother sees what is going on and is furious at first but then decides to see what her boy is really made of and she touches and gropes his balls until he cums in front of them both!”

Free site with two sample galleries from ‘Mummys Boy’ episode attached in your today’s portion of links, watch the full movie inside Pure CFNM members area -

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Naughty sister staring at her brothers cock and forcing him to wank
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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    […] According to search results Pure CFNM ‘Mommys Boy’ episode staring Elliot became most popular among cfnm fans. This friday another story featuring Elliot was released (two previous were - already mentioned ‘Mummys Boy’ and ‘Spanked by Mother’). This time Elliot got a job as a courier, he’s first delivery address and Katie opens the door. The package turns out to be opened, Belle, Katie’s friend, blames Elliot for that, but says his boss wouldn’t know if Elliot will show both of the girls what he’s packing down his tight cycling shorts… Read the full story below: […]

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    […] Latest update from Pure CFNM site for you for today - ‘Brother Caught In The Act’. There was already sister / brother episode ‘Mummys Boy’ where Elliot got humiliated by his sister, this is a different scenario. Now we have a sister Amanda, a brother that got caught jerkning on porn movie and two sisters horny friends that got invited by Amanda to watch what’s her brother is made of. Full story below: […]

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