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Posted in CFNM, Eromaxx on December 7th, 2005

See I told you about several Eromaxx sites (Party Hardcore, Druk Sex Orgy, Fully Clothed Sex, Cum Squad) already. Let me tell you about Eromaxx itself. Eromaxx is european based company producing their own content in Prague, Czech Republic. In the land of beautiful women as they used to say it. And I can’t help to agree with that - all their girls are gorgeous, beautiful faces and beautiful bodies dressed in beautiful costumes. Even if you see their flagship site Party Hardcore, where they film public parties with local real chicks - you will notice every czech girl is at least cute. Eromaxx came out to the scene in 2002 with their first site - Party Hardcore, which became extremely popular among the ones who saw it (Party Hardcore wasn’t exposed much and only few can enjoy the show) and got it’s reborn this October (read here). More parties, more participants, more wild girls and Drunk Sex Orgy appeared featuring crazy group gangbangs with ten, twenty, thirty fucking couples in one place. Fully Clothed Sex comes apart - created by clothed sex fanatics for clothed sex lovers, so as Cum Squad. Up to date Eromaxx is equipped with twelve premium sites. I call them premium for the amazing quality content they have there, I mean participants as well as surroundings and the real professional light set-up during the footage. Other Eromaxx sites worth metioning (but they don’t actually correlate CFNM ;): Wam Sex Orgy, All Wam - food fetish with sexy girls and boys covered in cream, milk, drinks fighting and playing with each other; Fully Clothed Pissing - the name says for itself, Pee Squad - european girls getting their beautiful faces and clothes covered in excessive cum loads then taking pee golden shower from ten-twelve erected cocks; TS Cum - hottest european transsexuals who really cum white creamy loads. Some of you might be interested in My Fetish, Cum On Jugs or Al Caporno with midget sex footage :)Anyway, you can access all that stuff right now - here is the link to Eromaxx portal.

In your today’s portion of links I’m giving you some samples from Eromaxx sites, but you can watch more straight at Eromaxx tour -

CFNM Picture Gallery
European sex frenzy from Eromaxx sites line-up
(Pictures taken from Eromaxx members area)

Cum Squad

Posted in CFNM, Cum Squad on December 5th, 2005

One more CFNM site from Eromaxx, our extreme friends from Prague - Cum Squad. Have I told you I became fanatic of their content since the first time I saw Party Hardcore galleries? Czech Republic is well known for its beautiful chicks and all Eromaxx content is filmed in Prague with local damn sexy bitches. I’m in love almost with every girl I see in their pictures and videos :)Cum Squad features hot european sluts engaging in bukkake gangbangs with seven, ten, twelve cocks shooting sticky cum all over their cute faces and clothes. Only Cum Squad and Eromaxx in a whole managed to catch the contrast when beauty meets the smut. Beautiful angels covered in messy cumshots all over what can be more exciting, plus the highest quality of pictures and movies I ever met over the net.

Watch some of Cum Squad samples in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Very hot brunette getting messy cum facials after group gangbang
(Pictures taken from Cum Squad members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Sexy teenager getting sticky cum loads on her pretty face
(Movies taken from Cum Squad members area)

Guys Get Fucked

Posted in CFNM, Guys Get Fucked on December 3rd, 2005

If you ever expected CFNM to be harder, here you go - Guys Get Fucked. I never seen this site before until my friend sent me the link to it yesterday. Guys Get Fucked has absolutely original content with nude guys bent over and fucked with strap-ons, dildos and fingers by clothed girls. That is a fresh idea and no other site shown that before. Guys Get Fucked featuring different scenarios: college class, medical examination, massage scenes and many others. Different participants taking part in them - college guys and girls, one guy and two girls, one girl humiliating her male friend and so on. Most time girls appear fully clothed, but you still got a chance to take a peek on juicy breasts of some of them. Enough words - check out sample movies at Guys Get Fucked tour page.

I’m also attaching picture and movie samples from couple of Guys Get Fucked latest scenes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Suspect getting stripped and finger-fucked by a female guard
(Pictures taken from Guys Get Fucked members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Busty masseuse humiliating a guy by fucking and jerking him off
(Movies taken from Guys Get Fucked members area)

CFNM Exposed Humiliated

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on December 1st, 2005

And another fantastic update from CFNM Exposed which became rather popular all over the net for the past three months since it was launched. The story titled ‘Unconscious Roommate’ and presented as a real life scenario of a girl coming back home with her female friend and catching her male roommate in his room lying on bed completely naked with all that sex toys and lubes and porn videos around him. She felt uncomfortable for a moment, while her naughty friend suggested to mess a bit with roommate’s still blood-full cock… read the story bellow:


“I came home one evening with a friend of mine to hang out, as we entered the apartment it was surprisingly quiet, so I wandered in to my room mate’s room, my friend following me in tow. To my surprise he was passed out on his bed, completely naked. I could see various items were scattered around him on the bed and as I entered his room I realized what they were. He was laying naked and unconscious surrounded by a series of sex toys, some lubricant and porn videos. I had no idea how to explain this to my room mate, who bumped in to me as I stopped abruptly. “Ouch,” she paused, looking around the room. “Uh, woah. Haha, oh my god, he passes out like this all the time, let’s just go.” “Nah” she giggled, “let’s mess with him.” I laughed, “Are you serious? What if he wakes up?” “He won’t.” she replied. We went over to the bedside and spotted the lube, I picked it up and undid the top, pouring some on his cock. She reached out for his cock, wrapping her fingers around his shaft. It was still pretty hard, I guess he had not long passed out. “Oh my god!” I thought, “She’s touching my room mate’s cock. I could get kicked out of the apartment if anybody ever finds out…”

See one picture gallery and a movie gallery of ‘Unconscious Roommate’ episode in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Nude sleeping guy getting humiliated by his roommate
(Pictures taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Naughty friends giving a handjob to unconscious guy
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

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