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And another fantastic update from CFNM Exposed which became rather popular all over the net for the past three months since it was launched. The story titled ‘Unconscious Roommate’ and presented as a real life scenario of a girl coming back home with her female friend and catching her male roommate in his room lying on bed completely naked with all that sex toys and lubes and porn videos around him. She felt uncomfortable for a moment, while her naughty friend suggested to mess a bit with roommate’s still blood-full cock… read the story bellow:


“I came home one evening with a friend of mine to hang out, as we entered the apartment it was surprisingly quiet, so I wandered in to my room mate’s room, my friend following me in tow. To my surprise he was passed out on his bed, completely naked. I could see various items were scattered around him on the bed and as I entered his room I realized what they were. He was laying naked and unconscious surrounded by a series of sex toys, some lubricant and porn videos. I had no idea how to explain this to my room mate, who bumped in to me as I stopped abruptly. “Ouch,” she paused, looking around the room. “Uh, woah. Haha, oh my god, he passes out like this all the time, let’s just go.” “Nah” she giggled, “let’s mess with him.” I laughed, “Are you serious? What if he wakes up?” “He won’t.” she replied. We went over to the bedside and spotted the lube, I picked it up and undid the top, pouring some on his cock. She reached out for his cock, wrapping her fingers around his shaft. It was still pretty hard, I guess he had not long passed out. “Oh my god!” I thought, “She’s touching my room mate’s cock. I could get kicked out of the apartment if anybody ever finds out…”

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CFNM Picture Gallery
Nude sleeping guy getting humiliated by his roommate
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Naughty friends giving a handjob to unconscious guy
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