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And here is the first update. Let me tell you about that new cfnm site, the banner of which you can see in the bottom. What makes CFNM Exposed so special among others? Well, I know the owner in person. Not to say he’s a great guy and a big cfnm fan himself, he gained a great experience in cfnm niche helping Iceman to operate back then famous 4CFNM site and some others (I will try to tell you about them in the next update), so he decided to open his own site, but he attempted an absolutely new approach to the whole Clothed Females Naked Males idea. New scenarios, new participants, new surroundings and of course all exclusive and never seen before. Mostly movies and of high quality, which was very rare for the first cfnm sites. Ok, I’m sure you are going to ask me if the scenarios are staged? He told me by a secret, yes. And not to bullshitting you on my CFNM Blog - I share this info. Be sure, I will tell you later about other cfnm sites where situations are all real with genuine participants… but at CFNM Exposed it’s all staged. Whatever, all our life is a stage, and if this guy is cool enough to turn our fantasies into real pictures and movies, why not? I enjoyed the movies myself, seeing lots of differents stuff in my life before. I just stopped and watched some episodes. More so, they are all followed by stories… here was the last one he uploaded two days ago:

“I’m going to put on my best face and try to make some sales today.” I thought to myself, as I knocked on the first door in a long line of potential customers. After a few moments I heard the noise of latches and the door opened slowly, revealing behind it a beautiful girl smiling at me. I gulped, and tried to regain my composure. “Hi, Can I help you?” she asked. I went in to salesman mode, “Well, the real question is: Can I help you? I’m selling these amazing deluxe vacuums. If you could just spare 2 minutes of your time I could give you a demonstration. They have an assortment of incredible features that will facilitate all your cleaning needs. “”Really? Well, I wouldn’t normally be interested but why don’t you come in and show me how you can facilitate my needs.” I smiled, gratefully… stepped in to her apartment and allowed her to close the door behind me before leading me in to her apartment. I stopped in her living room, “Should I give you the demonstration in here?” I glanced over to her couch and saw another girl, equally beautiful, sitting there watching television. I smiled, “Hi there.” “Hi, are you selling vacuums?” she asked, observing the one I had under my arm. “Yes”, I responded, “I’m about to give your friend a demonstration.” “Oh excellent, our vacuum broke last week and as you can see we haven’t had a chance to buy a new one.” she said, gesturing around a surprisingly…”

I include a link to a free site with two galleries of that exactly episode in your today’s portion of links , here you go -

CFNM Free Site
CFNM scenario with two real girls suck off a nude salesman
(Pictures taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
Two girls humiliating vacumn salesman by stripping him down and sucking him off
(Movies taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

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    […] Not to brake the tradition and in case you’ve missed the review of CFNM Exposed - your today’s portion of links will contain the freshest update of CFNM Exposed site: […]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Site Says:

    […] CFNM Exposed got several updates for the past month, but here is the one I liked most - ‘Knocked Up and Tied Up’. Have I mentioned before that CFNM Exposed has something to content any cfnm fantasy and will overcome everybodys expectations? So happens here, the episode is a little story of an unsuspecting guy who happened to stay alone with his wife’s friend, he very liked. They sat on a coach while the friend stood up and went, as he thought, to the kitchen to get some drinks… Next moment he just heard that loud thud… He found himself tied up and somewhere in complete darkness, the naughty friend put him in the closet and tied up there. The door opened and he saw His Wife! I would says it’s a no-no situation for any of us, if not the chance to be jerked of by two hot clothed females the guy got The story: […]

  3. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Jerk That Cock Bitch Says:

    […] I continue with cfnm handjob idea, Jerk That Cock Bitch was created by the same professionals as CFNM exposed site. You can watch there real amateur bitches who get paid to jerk off the guys the dirties way they can. Some of those amateur sluts get horny enough even to lick the cum off the cock. Pretty interesteting stuff, I like the whole idea of amateur cfnm handjobs as well as the opportunity to watch preview of the actual content on the tour in movie trailers. I’m attaching samples of the latest update with busty blonde bitch jerking in your today’s portion of links - […]

  4. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Free Says:

    […] In your today’s portion of links I’m sharing some CFNM Exposed free samples of their latest update, as usually - free site contains two cfnm picture galleries plus one movie gallery below - […]

  5. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Humiliated Says:

    […] And another fantastic update from CFNM Exposed which became rather popular all over the net for the past three months since it was launched. The story titled ‘Unconscious Roommate’ and presented as a real life scenario of a girl coming back home with her female friend and catching her male roommate in his room lying on bed completely naked with all that sex toys and lubes and porn videos around him. She felt uncomfortable for a moment, while her naughty friend suggested to mess a bit with roommates still blood-full cock… read the story bellow: […]

  6. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Samples Says:

    […] The update from out summer favorite - CFNM Exposed. For new readers, the review of this fantastic cfnm site launched this summer located - here. It seriously grew up for the past 4 months - more episodes, more ideas, more cfnm pictures and videos were added. Great job is done and no surprise to see active subscribers to CFNM Exposed since its first day. I asked the owner to leave the preview of the very first episode on the front, so come on in and ‘touch the history’ of CFNM Exposed Oh, well… the update I was going to tell you about - ‘Strip Poker’. That’s funny but this episode shares almost the same idea with ‘Cheated At Strip Poker’ episode from newly launched Pure CFNM site. Gotta have a word with both, lol. Anyway, those are two completely different episodes, even filmed in different countries: CFNM Exposed - USA, Pure CFNM - UK. Read the story and watch full movie of ‘Strip Poker’ episode in CFNM Exposed members area. The moment with guy cumming on his face is hilarios. […]

  7. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Delayed Says:

    […] Got an enquiry from several of you about updates at CFNM Exposed. You might have noticed there were no changes on their front page since december (if you follow updates there), nor was there anything added inside members area since than. I talked to the owner a month ago, he replied some changes are made to provide more comfortable access to the site, while I liked the interface the way it was. I contacted him one week ago, reply was the same - upgrade is in the process. I very liked the idea of CFNM Exposed, this site was a Huge step forward in whole CFNM History (the other site Pure CFNM shares the same idea by the way), but lack of updates was a definite miss from his side. Be sure I will keep you posted on how things going with CFNM Exposed, remember many of you registering with CFNM Exposed after each of my post before, which mean you like that too… […]

  8. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » 4CFNM Videos Says:

    […] Dig out very first 4CFNM design - 4CFNM Videos (two others are 4CFNM Blow Job and 4CFNM Drunk Girls), interesting to know 4CFNM is almost 4 years old now, first episode dated 2002. Sad part, 4CFNM is not updated anymore, I’ve been a member there since I first told you about this site in September (post located here) and haven’t seen any updates since than. Another cfnm party site - Loverboys is also running less parties now. Fantasy cfnm sites (Pure CFNM and CFNM Exposed) slowly taking over bachelorette cfnm parties which first introduced us CFNM the way it is now. No, that’s good, CFNM is getting mature and different tendencies popping up. Even the latest pool on cfnm forum shown more people prefer acted cfnm fantasies (like at CFNM Zone for example) to real life cfnm in form it was from the beginning (Cheaters Uncovered and Party Hardcore). Though unquestionable favorite in cfnm party niche remains Party Hardcore with it’s always 4 updates and one new crazy party each month, but it’s not that real as it seems to be after all (will tell you the truth in one of my next posts […]

  9. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Opened Says:

    […] Whoah! As of 18th of March - CFNM Exposed is opened up again… Umm… it hasn’t been closed actually, but there was no updates for awhile if you remember. Not big changes since than I’ve noticed, but her’s a new scenario I haven’t seen before - ‘Sex Clinic’. Man got an appointment in local clinic for annual health checking. Before doctor arrives our lucky guy getting a sexy nurse to take care of him, the action ends up with a tender handjob. […]

  10. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Nudist Says:

    […] Front CFNM Exposed page was updated yesterday, first time since for long - new episodes previews added now. Here is the one of them I like - ‘Surprise Nudist Cleaner’. A guy decides to make some extra money and get a job as a nudist cleaner, he supposed to clean the house completely naked. His first clients - two hot girls… Here’s full story: […]

  11. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Idol Says:

    […] Got this link right before I was going to post today’s update - CFNM Idol, brand new cfnm site from the same folks that created CFNM Exposed. Dedicated and consists of members submitted and voted cfnm scenarios which then get published into video. Well, I like the idea, though it’s not new (Pure CFNM got few members written stories, remember?). Episodes are all original and I haven’t seen any of them on CFNM Exposed or elsewhere before. Here’s the latest added one as an example: […]

  12. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Extreme CFNM Strippers Says:

    […] It has been long time since I’ve heard anything from Extreme CFNM team until yesterday. It might seem that first original cfnm sites (Extreme CFNM, 4CFNM, Cheaters Uncovered) blend on the background of popping up new cfnm fantasy collections full of exciting stories and fresh cfnm scenarios (Pure CFNM, CFNM Exposed and now CFNM Idol), but nope - Extreme CFNM guys have been cooking something special for us all that months… and ‘the end is near’ - keep an eye on CFNM Blog and you will learn the news first […]

  13. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Free CFNM Links Says:

    […] Mentioned new Free CFNM Links category page in my previous post about CFNM Party Sex. You might not be familiar with the structure of small cfnm sites listed there - every free site contains two galleries with 10 sample pictures each of either Party Hardcore, Cheaters Uncovered, CFNM Exposed, Pure CFNM or Brandi Belle CFNM content surrounded by links with descriptions of the main site they are taken from… so just follow the links for entire series with full video and the rest of the collection of each main site you preview. […]

  14. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Idol CFNM Exposed Says:

    […] Missed something important in my post about CFNM Idol. Remember CFNM Idol belongs to the same guy who created first fantasy cfnm site in history, CFNM Exposed? That’s sound like a logical step and you actually get Access to Both CFNM Sites when you join any of them, either CFNM Idol or CFNM Exposed. Now, that’s a bargain - both sites stuffed with hours of cfnm content and CFNM Exposed conitnued making weekly updates as it did before the beginning of the year when they experienced some problems and hadn’t add any new scenes for a few months. […]

  15. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Medical CFNM Exposed Says:

    […] Guys at CFNM Exposed keep on plastering new scenarios like no other cfnm site after their ressurection in March and I also see a record amount of CFNM Blog readers get their passes this month at CFNM Exposed. Be it their new episodes or special offer of two sites access if join one (remember, when you register at CFNM Exposed you get access to CFNM Idol also with its own original stories and visa versa, read about this offer here). Anyway, I very liked CFNM Exposed latest medical stagings. One ‘Insurance Physical Test’ with mature guy getting inspected in clinic and the other ‘Sperm Donor’ of two nurces milking cock for local cum bank. Full story of the latest one goes below: […]

  16. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Boy Med Exams Says:

    […] Discovered recently a new direction in cfnm world - medical cfnm. Remember I mentioned I liked two latest CFNM Exposed medical updates (post located here), interesting to know there is a whole sub-niche devoted to medical fetish outtathere and Boy Med Exams is a perfect representative of it. The site seems a bit weird at first with huge open anal and cruel doctor with all those stuff on her table, but scroll below and you will find what you are looking for : naked guys jerking in front of female-doctor, get their penises measured up and ass-holes inspected, lol. Forget about the last one Anyway, Boy Med Exams is a bit too much for me - still got fresh memories of such medical examination I’ve had back in high-school, but you might find it interesting. […]

  17. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Brandi Belle Free Says:

    […] Finally something new from this cock-crazed girl Brandi Bell you will find interesting - episode ‘Poker I Dont Even Know Her’. Brandi sends her photographer on vacation and gets another one who comes with fresh ideas for the scene and a bit higher than average attitude. Brandi also brings two famous pornstars, I don’t know blonde but busty brunette is Giana Michaels and show begin. Two amateur guys, two experienced girls and Brandi sit at the Poker table for some ‘play’. (we’ve seen Poker scenes already from Pure CFNM ‘Cheated At Strip Poker’ and CFNM Exposed ‘Strip Poker’, but no one made it as much entertaining as Brandi did). Read story below and better watch free sample movie in your today’s portion of links to see what actually happens during the scene : both guys get stripped, abused and rewarded with top-notch handjobs and blowjobs from these sex-matured babes. […]

  18. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Pure CFNM Medical Exam Says:

    […] Adds up to the medical cfnm collection - scene ‘Taking Off The Bandage’ from Pure CFNM latest update (previous two were CFNM Exposed ‘Insurance Physical Test’ and ‘Sperm Donor’). Scene with guy got injured in firework accident and female-doctor brings two nurses to exam the functionality of his organs. No worries, all ends up successfully - man has strong erection and even can cum. Checked Read entire story below..: […]

  19. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Exposed Birthday Says:

    […] Almost a year behind now since CFNM Exposed has been launched (see first post here made last September). Lots of things changed on Cfnm arena, it definitely became more popular for this past year then for two- three- years before in total. CFNM Exposed team survived some casualties during new year period and returned back with another great site CFNM Idol (absolutely different site, read here). But first impression CFNM Exposed brought with itself and how it completely turned the world remains. Hey, it inspired me to start Cfnm Blog two weeks later after all. Want some retro? No, we won’t go that far as Brandi Belle with her back-to-’70 ‘T.P. Sex Report’ episode, just return to that moment. I’ve got a collection of very first CFNM Exposed scenarios I haven’t shared with you before. Those of you who are registered with CFNM Exposed probably seen them already, but if not - here’s my favorite one… […]

  20. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Outdoor CFNM Exposed Says:

    […] Add this up to previous CFNM Exposed Birthday post - the First scene from CFNM Exposed as well as very first fantasy cfnm staging in history (before cfnm has been associated with bachelorette parties - Extreme Cfnm and again girls only nights with some participants involved in hardcore action - Party Hardcore) was this Cfnm Outdoor episode. Naughty girl jerk off her boyfriend who fell asleep on couch by the pool while two of her friends watch and giggle. […]

  21. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Cfnm Blog Anniversary Says:

    […] Yesterday September 14th was a one year since first post on Cfnm Blog. Remember I told you Cfnm Exposed made me start blogging my fantasies about Cfnm niche. One year ago the only popular and known cfnm sites were good ole Loverboys / Extreme Cfnm, not so long ago launched Cheaters Uncovered (basically reselling Loverboys videos), Cfnm Zone and Iceman with his 4Cfnm trilogy which is not updated anymore. Well, secret Party Hardcore was also around but not for everybody. Now look at the list of cfnm sites from the right - total 53 real cfnm or around the niche sites been described. From Cfnm Blog you’ve learned first of the launch of such sites as mentioned Cfnm Exposed, later its sister site but absolutely different Cfnm Idol, american Cfnm USA, britain Pure Cfnm, Brandi Belle Cfnm and others (click each site name for its first post). […]

  22. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Cfnm USA Poker Says:

    […] Seem like ‘Strip Poker’ scene become a standard cliche setup among cfnm fantasy sites. I’ve already told you about ‘Cheated at Strip Poker’ from Pure Cfnm, Cfnm Exposed ‘Strip Poker’, even cfnm girl Brandi Belle has one - ‘Poker I Dont Even Know Her’ and now ‘Strip Poker II’ by Cfnm USA (there was a part one, you can find it inside Cfnm USA). No, I’m not saying anything against mentioned cfnm sites, they are all full packed with their own exclusive scenarios, it’s just interesting to see how the same plot can be role-played by several sites with different actors and scripts. And I think ‘Strip Poker’ scenario idea is by far the only one they all share. Cfnm USA variant textual preview: […]

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