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Almost forgot - a sample episode from Brandi Belle for you, ‘Friendly Surprise’. Brandi invites two of her friends into her hotel room, makes them sit on the bed when suddenly a hot guy in a robe appears from the bathroom… Here’s full story:


“I had a surprise for a few of my friends today. I had them come to my hotel room and sit on the bed, then when they were not expecting it, I had a guy come out of the bathroom in a robe! I also made him wear really weird underwear. I told the girls to play with his penis until it was hard and then they had to guess how big it was! I got to measure it to see who won, and I must say, it was pretty long and thick, I liked it a lot. I then told the girls to give him a great handjob, but after two minutes they started sucking on it! that was not part of the plan so I made them go back to jerking him off. When he was close to cumming I had him cum on a plate and I ate it ;)Yep it’s true, check out the video lol… Muah.”

Told you, this girl is Crazy! I put a link to few picture samples of ‘Friendly Surprise’ episode in your today’s portion of links, watch full video at Brandi Belle -

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Brandi makes her friends to jerk off a guy and then eats his cum
(Pictures taken from Brandi Belle members area)

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  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Brandi Belle Videos Says:

    […] Heads up on Brandi Belle if you’ve missed her private cfnm site I told you about last week. In my posts I mentioned two of her popular cfnm episodes already - ‘Friendly Surprise’ and ‘Penis Inspection’. Another most searched one - ‘Camera Guy Handjob’. It’s made in a Pov-style (like the latest Pure CFNM episode) where Brandi jerking off her friend’s cock who usually appears behind the camera, well now he’s also, but we can see a part of him… Full story: […]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Brandi Belle CFNM Site Says:

    […] Doh, it has been taken me half of the weekend to compile this Brandi Belle Cfnm gallery. On preview pages they offer you only a few samples and I made you full gallery with 20 pictures I borrowed from the members area of Brandi Belle site, hope you like that. I picked up my favorite episode ‘Friendly Surprise’ I actually told you about (post located here), but haven’t shown the entire series… Enjoy […]

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