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Brandi Belle Blowjob

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on August 6th, 2006

New cfnm scene from Brandi Belle - ‘Dancin Machine’. We usually associate cfnm with male stripper dance and blowjob by girl from the audience after, Brandi breaks this set-up a bit and performs few striptease movements herself but finish it all with a great blowjob in the end, anyway. The full story..:


“I have the utmost admiration for strippers…the professional ones atleast some i have found to just be whores then again i have admiration for some whores..anyway im confusing myself again, the point is…strippers are talented. I was at a strip club the other night with a bunch of friends as always had a great time but ended up spending too much money. I love pole dancing it looks so hard im so un cooridanted i know if i were ever to try id probabbly land straight on my head and you guys would be forced to waitching me give blowjobs from a wheelchair…and of course there are some of you sickos out there who would get off on that :)but i love you guys anyway. so anyhooooo that nioght at the stripclub inspired me to try out some moves i saw that night on my friend dominico who was more than willing to be my ginnee pig. I have to admit my dancing was kind of lame and i gave up on it pretty make up for the lousy dancing i let my friend have his way with me on the cundition he could only use his finger, he seemed to enjoy it. Im no prude so when he was done i gave him a boudacious for the record books!!! all in all this should porve to be a very entertaining shoot for you guys. Luvya!!!”

I attach a link to few pictures and preview movie of ‘Dancin Machine’ update in your today’s portions of links, watch entire video and the rest of cfnm episodes at Brandi Belle official site -

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Brandi dances striptease for her friend and pleases him with blowjob
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Brandi Belle CFNM Site

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on August 4th, 2006

Doh, it has been taken me half of the weekend to compile this Brandi Belle Cfnm gallery. On preview pages they offer you only a few samples and I made you full gallery with 20 pictures I borrowed from the members area of Brandi Belle site, hope you like that. I picked up my favorite episode ‘Friendly Surprise’ I actually told you about (post located here), but haven’t shown the entire series… Enjoy ;)

Link to ‘Friendly Surprise’ picture series attached in your today’s portion of links, watch full video of this episode and others at Brandi Belle -

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Brandi measures strangers cock while her friends guess the size
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Brandi Belle Free

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on July 23rd, 2006

Finally something new from this cock-crazed girl Brandi Bell you will find interesting - episode ‘Poker I Dont Even Know Her’. Brandi sends her photographer on vacation and gets another one who comes with fresh ideas for the scene and a bit higher than average attitude. Brandi also brings two famous pornstars, I don’t know blonde but busty brunette is Giana Michaels and show begin. Two amateur guys, two experienced girls and Brandi sit at the Poker table for some ‘play’. (we’ve seen Poker scenes already from Pure CFNM ‘Cheated At Strip Poker’ and CFNM Exposed ‘Strip Poker’, but no one made it as much entertaining as Brandi did). Read story below and better watch free sample movie in your today’s portion of links to see what actually happens during the scene : both guys get stripped, abused and rewarded with top-notch handjobs and blowjobs from these sex-matured babes.


“I finally understand the meaning of the word pretentious, i looked it up in the dictionary and right beside the word was a picture of the guy who shot and edited this movie. My regular guy who shoots and edits all my movies went off on vacation so rather than sit on my ass while he was away i had him recomend a friend of his who goes to film school (at a community college i should mention) any way this guy was a big jerk and way too bossy and took himself way too seriosuly. He wore a barret and sunglasses (even when he was indoors!!!) When i first met him he was real nice and got me excited about the shoot he had in mind so i called up a few of my girlfriends who are actually professionals in the biz to be in the shoot with me (im sure you’ll recognize them) anyway we started the shoot at 9 in the morning and didnt finish till god knows when… he insisted on getting all these different angles and blah blah blah something about french new wave…what a fag we all got so fed up with him we kicked him off teh shoot 3 quarters into it so if you notice a lack in quality towards the end dont let him know that or it will add to his allready overblown ego. i wa snice enough to let him edit it which is why the opening of the movie is in black and white which he claims is symbolic for somethin or other.. i showed the shoot to my friends they all thought is was “amazing” to me if its amaing its only cause of the wonderful sucking and fucking me and girlfriends are oh so good at..but ill let you be the critic…oh yeah, we forced some dude to eat catfood now thats amazing!!!! check it out”

story free preview clip below -

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Brandi with her friends humiliate nude guys at strip poker
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Brandi Belle Pics

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on July 13th, 2006

While Brandi Belle’s brain is off to fuck during this hot summer season, here is one of her last cfnm episodes to remember you and introduce new readers this truly cock crazed teen nympho. ‘Abandoned Building’ with Brandi giving a nice handjob to the guy she met only once before inside some unfinished building. Here’s full story..:


“I met this guy at a bar when i was in boston…i must have been really drunk cause for some reason i gave him my phone number and gave him the impression i would want to meet up with him if he were ever to come to my city. When he called he told me he came to miami just to see me which is pretty pathetic and kinda freaked me out. But i agreed to meet up with him anyway but i didnt want to be seen with him in public and it was such a nice day i thought this abandoned building i used to hangout at when i was a kid would be perfect…and it had been a while since i had given a nice handjob…he had a decent size dick and he came pretty fast but who can blame him i give really good handjobs. I thought it was kinda weird he was wearing gym shorts for underwear. for a guy who traveled so far to see me he sure didnt talk much although he did tell me the handjob i gave him was “wicked” i thought that was kinda cute.”

I add a link to ‘Abandoned Building’ scene on Brandi Belle site with free sample pics and movie in your today’s portion of links, full video watch inside -

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Full clothed Brandi jerking off a guy with his pants down
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Brandi Belle Clips

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on June 29th, 2006

Now - this you’ve never seen… Latest Brandi Belle’s story ‘Bedroom Bandits’. All night Brandi partying with two of her friends, Eve and Ray. Ray passes out before midnight and girls take him back to his hotel room, but hey it’s far from sleep time yet, guess what they do? Decide to wake him up with a blowjob! Tell me, you haven’t dream about this? ;)Read full story:


“Going out to clubs can be exhausting, just ask my friend Ray. I mean seriously how tired must you be to sleep through a blowjob. Heres how it happened: My friend Eve, Ray and myself all went out last saturday to celebrate…what were we celebrating again??? hmmm well im sure there was some cause for celebration cause we sure did alot it, nothing special you know the usual drinking and dancing, we hopped around from club to club. The last club we were at Eve and myself were out dancing on the floor when we realized we didnt know where our friend Ray was, low and behold there was Ray sitting byhimself sloutched over passed out on a chair poor guy was all tuckered out. So we took a cab back to his hotel room he barely made it to his bed. Unfortunatly Eve and myself werent tired at all so we decided to have some fun with Ray. We thought we’d wake him up the best was possible with two gorgues girls all up on his cock, Who knew hed sleep through the whole thing though he didnt even made him cum and he still didnt wake up!!! WONDER WHAT HE WAS DREAMING ABOUT?????? couldnt have been better than what was actually happening to him!!!”

In your today’s portion of links you have sample clip of ‘Bedroom Bandits’ episode, watch full movie at Brandi Belle -

Brandi and her friend giving a blowjob to sleeping guy
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Brandi Belle Pictures

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on June 1st, 2006

The girl keep thinking toward CFNM direction. Here you go, latest episode from Brandi Belle - ‘I’ll Float Your Boat’. Brandi having a great day in company of her friends who take her on boat evening cruise. In the end Brandi pays back with a good handjob to one of the boat crew. Story below..:


“Hey guys its me again…what a fun day this was..not only did i get to be driven around in a motorcycle all day i also got to go out on a big beautiful “party” boat. If only i had more days like this one and i owe all to my friend sergio and of course as ive always believed in the philosophy of one good turn deserving another i gave his cousin Julio one of my pattented delicious handjobs right in the boat which was fun…it was especially fun cause i dont think this guy has ever had a handjob before or maybe he just hadnt been with a girl in a while cause he was so excited during the whole thing…like a little school boy…it was really funny check it out foryourself…by ya’ll :)

Sample pictures of ‘I’ll Float Your Boat’ scenario find in your today’s portion of links, or go directly to Brandi Belle site for video -

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Brandi giving a handjob to naked guy on a yacht
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Brandi Belle Gallery

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on May 20th, 2006

Newest Brandi Belle cfnm episode for you - ‘I Put the Whore in Whorrifying’, Brandi gathers four of her female friends in hotel room then brings three naked men, a giant piece of plexiglass, candied apples and orange juice, a pedistal and measuring instruments. The story is represented in a form of joke from Brandi so you won’t understand a thing of what this girl mean anyway :)Better watch cfnm gallery with ‘I Put the Whore in Whorrifying’ scene I attach in your today’s portion of links. Full movie can be accessed inside Brandi Belle -

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Clothed Brandi and three of her friends play with several nude guys
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