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Amateur Party Hardcore

Posted in CFNM, Party Hardcore on August 8th, 2006

Almost one year passed since I’ve been first introduced to this truly legendary cfnm site - Party Hardcore (read my first post here). I won’t dig up history saying which of their episodes shocked me more, which I liked best as they keep through that crazy time-proven (remember Party Hardcore is running since 2003) events as always with fine czech booze, fresh chicks and naughty male strippers who get these naive girls on stage to play with their cocks… The way you expect it and the way personally I enjoy it ;)

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Amateur girls misbehave with stripper and suck cock at drunk party
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Party Hardcore Strippers

Posted in CFNM, Party Hardcore on June 11th, 2006

First Party Hardcore show this hot summer season which means girls already appear in light-clothes and some lose them completely during the action. But to the party, stripper Patrick opens it up again, he’s not just a good dancer, but seems to be a nice actor too - saw many of his performances and he’s great. And here Patrick comes out in a Clown- costume, literes of booze and laughing having a good time chicks, most brave of them getting on stage to taste clown’s cock, all done the way you always expect it from Party Hardcore - extremely crazy ;)Read the party follow-up:


“Our hard-bodied stripper Patrick plays a stupendous role as a jovial clown who really gets this audience laughing and having a great time, just what Party Hardcore is all about! The amateur babes here are in for the start of a party of their lives, and the 100 plus chicks are sipping on bubbly and watching the show, but the best show is from our cameras, where you get to see how horny these innocent girls become, and you will love just how far they will go with strangers when given the chance!”

I include a link to free site with couple sample galleries of this cfnm show in your today’s portion of links, for the entire movie go directly to Party Hardcore -

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Stripper in clown uniform gets chicks from the audience to suck his dick
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Group Party Hardcore

Posted in CFNM, Party Hardcore on May 12th, 2006

You still not a member of this one-of-a-kind hardcore cfnm site - Party Hardcore? Then you might never seen what actually happens in the end of their parties with all that alcohol heated chicks getting naked, male strippers jumping around with hard-ons and whipped creams. Here’s what I have for you - never before in history Party Hardcore released such pictures for free.

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Group of drunk and horny chicks have sex with strippers on stage
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Party Hardcore Clips

Posted in CFNM, Party Hardcore on March 25th, 2006

Contacted Stephen from Eromaxx lately and he let me borrow few clips from Party Hardcore members area for CFNM Blog. I picked up one of last year party, personally because of that chick in short white skirt with flowers I very liked ;)Just a note, those are 10 second clips of the actual 1 minute blocks available at Party Hardcore, full 24 minutes video of this party can also be accessed inside Party Hardcore.

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CFNM Movies
Girls from the audience sucking and fucking strippers at a party
(Movies taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Party Hardcore Truth

Posted in CFNM, Party Hardcore on March 9th, 2006

Oke, as promised - the Truth is Party Hardcore IS Real… but some paid models are still engaged in the action. How it works, Eromaxx run advertisements in local publications (Prague, Czech Republic), partygoers book a Party Hardcore event - these girls are real, they are only to decide how far they go. Eromaxx employ 5 models only to heat up the action, that’s why you can see some girls at different parties. Also Eromaxx provide space and erotic male dancers, of course. What happens next you can see at Party Hardcore :)

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Drunk czech teens fucking male strippers at local party
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Party Hardcore DVDs

Posted in CFNM, Party Hardcore on January 26th, 2006

All four parts of the first 2006th party put online at Party Hardcore site now. Have I told you about their system of adding updates? Party Hardcore runs parties once a month and adding footage from the party for the next whole month, so new set of cfnm movies appear each week. If you liked this month scene it keeps you excited up to the end of the month until you watched through all the episodes ;)And another news, Eromaxx opened DVD shop. Some of the most exciting footage from Party Hardcore and other Eromaxx cfnm sites (Drunk Sex Orgy, Fully Clothed Sex, Cum Squad) now you can get on DVD. Each DVD followed by full description, sample screenshots and free movie trailer.

I’m attaching link to Party Hardcore DVDs in your today’s portion of links -

Party Hardcore DVDs from Eromaxx (click DVD SHOP button on menu)
(Movies taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Party Hardcore CFNM

Posted in CFNM, Party Hardcore on January 2nd, 2006

Same time with Drunk Sex Orgy Christmas update, new episode was added to it’s sister site - Party Hardcore. Actually Drunk Sex Orgy was created after great success of Party Hardcore. For new readers, Party Hardcore featuring genuine footage from real male strippers parties held in Prague, where local beautiful chicks get drunk enough to let their hands and pussies go. Fuck scene here and there, while Drunk Sex Orgy offers something more extreme - pictures and videos from specially organized events with up to 50-70 participants, mostly girls and some desired hot Eromaxx guys, all fucking in one booze-fueled orgy. Read more about Drunk Sex Orgy - here, and Party Hardcore - here. The update… If you get to Party Hardcore front right now - you will see several last added episodes, while actually it’s one party split to several updates, each added once a week. I think it’s a damn good idea, you always have something that makes you come back each week. Needless to say full videos of all the cfnm parties from past three years are also available for downloading. If you still deciding on joining Party Hardcore, enter the site and at the bottom of the front page there is a link which leads you to the previous updates with free video trailer each, keep listing the pages and watching almost endless amount of video samples until that terrific episodes assure you enough to join this true cfnm legend - Party Hardcore. For me it did on the 2nd page ;)

(By the way, from all the sites I ever told you about for the past 5 months on this blog, Party Hardcore remains my absolute favorite as well as for those people who read this page daily like you do)

In your today’s portion of links free site with couple sample galleries from the last 2005 Party Hardcore update is added -

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Beautiful european girls in hardcore party action with local stripper
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

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