Party Hardcore DVDs

All four parts of the first 2006th party put online at Party Hardcore site now. Have I told you about their system of adding updates? Party Hardcore runs parties once a month and adding footage from the party for the next whole month, so new set of cfnm movies appear each week. If you liked this month scene it keeps you excited up to the end of the month until you watched through all the episodes ;)And another news, Eromaxx opened DVD shop. Some of the most exciting footage from Party Hardcore and other Eromaxx cfnm sites (Drunk Sex Orgy, Fully Clothed Sex, Cum Squad) now you can get on DVD. Each DVD followed by full description, sample screenshots and free movie trailer.

I’m attaching link to Party Hardcore DVDs in your today’s portion of links -

Party Hardcore DVDs from Eromaxx (click DVD SHOP button on menu)
(Movies taken from Party Hardcore members area)

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