Cheaters Uncovered USA

Cheating housewives in the United States. Famous Loverboys take regularly trips down to the United States (remember, they are American strippers, but perform in the UK) and as it seems from the footage American housewives are not less wilder and dirtier than their UK peers. Those respectable wives jerk and suck hot male strippers as if they get a huge juicy cock for the first time in their life. I bet they suck their lovely hubbies Like THIS! Bachelorette parties held across all the states of US, I’m sorry if you will see your wife in one of hundreds of those movies :)Some of them sit and watch the action with their open mouths, while others misbehaving with strippers cock right infront of them. Though Cheaters Uncovered has no fucking scenes, there is a lot of shocking real life footage to see - Check It for yourself!

Today’s portion of links consists of cfnm free site with two picture galleries and one cfnm movie gallery made of Cheaters Uncovered members area content,

CFNM Free Site
Horny housewives play with a strippers cock on girls cfnm party
(Pictures taken from Cheaters Uncovered members area)

CFNM Movie Gallery
US housewives misbehaving with hot male strippers
(Movies taken from Cheaters Uncovered members area)

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  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Cheaters Uncovered UK Says:

    […] Was going through the list of cfnm sites this weekend in search for something new, here’s what I found out - Cheaters Uncovered. First time I introduced you this site back in September (review is here), surfing cfnm boards recenly I noticed Cheaters Uncovered became rather popular among cfnm fans all across the world now. Remember Cheaters Uncovered featured only US strippers parties before, but horay Loverboys are on their trip to UK! London, Liverpool, Manchester and several other locations held that crazy strippers events. See complete list of locations at Cheaters Uncovered, I won’t surprise if you spot your wife playing with stripper dick in one of those movies . Visit Cheaters Uncovered. […]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » 4CFNM Videos Says:

    […] Dig out very first 4CFNM design - 4CFNM Videos (two others are 4CFNM Blow Job and 4CFNM Drunk Girls), interesting to know 4CFNM is almost 4 years old now, first episode dated 2002. Sad part, 4CFNM is not updated anymore, I’ve been a member there since I first told you about this site in September (post located here) and haven’t seen any updates since than. Another cfnm party site - Loverboys is also running less parties now. Fantasy cfnm sites (Pure CFNM and CFNM Exposed) slowly taking over bachelorette cfnm parties which first introduced us CFNM the way it is now. No, that’s good, CFNM is getting mature and different tendencies popping up. Even the latest pool on cfnm forum shown more people prefer acted cfnm fantasies (like at CFNM Zone for example) to real life cfnm in form it was from the beginning (Cheaters Uncovered and Party Hardcore). Though unquestionable favorite in cfnm party niche remains Party Hardcore with it’s always 4 updates and one new crazy party each month, but it’s not that real as it seems to be after all (will tell you the truth in one of my next posts […]

  3. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Extreme CFNM Strippers Says:

    […] It has been long time since I’ve heard anything from Extreme CFNM team until yesterday. It might seem that first original cfnm sites (Extreme CFNM, 4CFNM, Cheaters Uncovered) blend on the background of popping up new cfnm fantasy collections full of exciting stories and fresh cfnm scenarios (Pure CFNM, CFNM Exposed and now CFNM Idol), but nope - Extreme CFNM guys have been cooking something special for us all that months… and ‘the end is near’ - keep an eye on CFNM Blog and you will learn the news first […]

  4. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Free CFNM Links Says:

    […] Mentioned new Free CFNM Links category page in my previous post about CFNM Party Sex. You might not be familiar with the structure of small cfnm sites listed there - every free site contains two galleries with 10 sample pictures each of either Party Hardcore, Cheaters Uncovered, CFNM Exposed, Pure CFNM or Brandi Belle CFNM content surrounded by links with descriptions of the main site they are taken from… so just follow the links for entire series with full video and the rest of the collection of each main site you preview. […]

  5. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Sex Parties Says:

    […] Cfnm was originated from the UK, no wonder - UK is famous for producing all kind of dirty stuff. There’s one company operated in UK products of which I introduced you long before : Cheaters Uncovered, Dogging Uncovered (read about first here and second here). Now they bring us something non-less crazy - Sex Parties. Genuine UK swinger parties with local pornstars where everything happen from cfnm facials to gangbang orgies… […]

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