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Every moment of the life has it’s own dirtiest sites, isn’t it? So does CFNM niche. If you joined Loverboys before you’ve already noticed that you have access to Extreme CFNM site too. Extreme CFNM was created under the impression of dirty wives who behave like real sluts on the show, they come up to the party and end up with a strippers cock in their pussy at the end of the performance, in the dressing-room or right infront of the shocked audience. You’ll be amazed, but that’s the actual sideof those housewives you meet in your daily life. NO Bullshit, nothing was staged - genuine horny housewives and naughty strippers. To mention it again, CFNM parties performed without support of internet sites - Loverboys and Extreme CFNM were created just to give you the opportunity to see what real housewives get up to when their hubbies not around, when the alcohol start to flow and when there are hot naked guys jumping around with their bouncing dongs.

I’m attaching few pictures of the extreme cfnm frenzy in you today’s portion of links so you can see it for yourself -

CFNM Picture Gallery 1
Crazy wives give blow jobs to strippers and get fucked after real cfnm party
(Pictures taken from Extreme CFNM members area)

CFNM Picture Gallery 2
Horny housewives wank juicy strippers cocks and fuck at bachelorette night
(Pictures taken from Extreme CFNM members area)

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  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Handjobs Central Says:

    […] Another handjobs site from my bookmars - Handjobs Central. Remember Loverboys I told you about and Extreme CFNM which contains most hardcore footage from Loverboys parties? They also created Handjobs Central now specially dedicated to housewives handjobs with lots and lots of handjobs pictures and downloadable movies. If you don’t want to dig Loverboys members area in search for amateur handjobs content then Handjobs Central will be the right way to go. […]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Extreme CFNM Gallery Says:

    […] New update at Extreme CFNM site! Well, of course there were several since the last time I told you about this crazy cfnm site, just to mention Extreme CFNM again for new readers who might have missed the review. The link to Extreme CFNM page with picture gallery and three sample movies goes into your today’s portion of links - […]

  3. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Loverboys DVD Says:

    […] Recently opened - Loverboys DVD shop. Unlikely CFNM DVDs from 4CFNM, Loverboys has several cfnm dvds in stock to choose from. Well, not to choose - any true cfnm fan will order them all for sure Each DVD has 40 minutes of real life cfnm parties footage and available either in NTSC format for US or PAL for Europe. For a total of 6 Volumes of Loverboys video, one volume of Extreme CFNM video and one DVD with beautiful man cfnm striptease specially for women. Just to mention, DVDs contains only the most interesting party scenes to the editors view and can’t hold the whole amount of Loverboys members area inner content. To get inside Loverboys members area - go here and for Extreme CFNM - register here. […]

  4. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Loverboys USA CFNM Says:

    […] With all that news to share, I completely forgot about first and still running true cfnm site - Loverboys USA. Being online for about 6 years Loverboys USA (plus it’s hardcore clone - Extreme CFNM) remains one of two realistic cfnm sites outthere (4CFNM is the second). For new readers, Loverboys USA features genuine footage from hen nights held in UK, with local housewives jerking and sucking nude male strippers(review is here). Recently renewed design with more new footage constantly being added. Some tips about Loverboys USA members area, archive of past years clips was moved to a separate section on the site -> look for “archives” and don’t forget to check out local cfnm forum to discuss your cfnm fantasies with other cfnm lovers like you […]

  5. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Extreme CFNM Story Says:

    […] Learned a story of how Extreme CFNM appeared. Remember Extreme CFNM and Loverboys are from the same company and share some content between each other. The company first came out with Loverboys cfnm site (story about Loverboys you can read here), but all agree the name sounds a big ‘gay’ isn’t it? It was already too late to dumb Loverboys with its huge members database of cfnm fans and Extreme CFNM appeared as a sister site. Now that describes why there is similiar content on both of them. I say similiar, but not identical. All extreme stuff (wives fucking strippers in the dressing room, backstage footage) appear only at Extreme CFNM site. […]

  6. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Extreme CFNM Strippers Says:

    […] It has been long time since I’ve heard anything from Extreme CFNM team until yesterday. It might seem that first original cfnm sites (Extreme CFNM, 4CFNM, Cheaters Uncovered) blend on the background of popping up new cfnm fantasy collections full of exciting stories and fresh cfnm scenarios (Pure CFNM, CFNM Exposed and now CFNM Idol), but nope - Extreme CFNM guys have been cooking something special for us all that months… and ‘the end is near’ - keep an eye on CFNM Blog and you will learn all the news first […]

  7. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Extreme CFNM Launch Says:

    […] A day before received another note from Extreme CFNM / Loverboys team - all preparation works are done and they’re on a final stage. I mentioned in one of my Novembers posts Loverboys DVD store, it’s now packed with fresh Loverboys cfnm movie volumes and in a few weeks first ever in history CFNM Video Hire shop ‘DRM’ will be launched too. […]

  8. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » CFNM Top List Says:

    […] Interesting to see how fast cfnm market grow nowadays. Last year this time we had only Loverboys / Extreme CFNM, 4CFNM and, of course, Party Hardcore… Now dozen more membership cfnm sites popped up (Brandi Belle CFNM, Pure CFNM are latest ones), but not just pay sites - lots of amateur sites also. They started to compete and now CFNM Top Sites lists appeared. Here’s the newest ones: CFNM Guide Toplist. Even if you won’t find any new cfnm links there - feel free to visit it at least to make CFNM Blog ranked higher […]

  9. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Loverboys Renewal Says:

    […] Two days before, on June 13th, Loverboys USA finally opened it’s doors after their first major redesing since they came to the scene. Loverboys (it’s clone Extreme CFNM) has been online since first days after the world heard about CFNM, hey it was one of the first cfnm sites (other was 4CFNM, both feature cfnm in the form of real life bachelorette parties with genuine housewives going mad for nude male strippers). Read my first post about Loverboys - here. Since the beginnig of the year team had been working on refreshing of their portal. So what’s new we’ve got - easier navigation between the samples of all the goodies Loverboys has to offer. Watch menus from the left and right: ‘free tour’ will take you to preview section with cfnm pictures and few movies from Loverboys members area, click ‘male strippers videos’ to go directly to Loverboys DVD collection where you can get cfnm movies without registration, ‘our content’ will give you the idea of content amount members area packed with and read about the team who created all that following ‘about us’ link. […]

  10. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Outdoor CFNM Exposed Says:

    […] Add this up to previous CFNM Exposed Birthday post - the First scene from CFNM Exposed as well as very first fantasy cfnm staging in history (before cfnm has been associated with bachelorette parties - Extreme Cfnm and again girls only nights with some participants involved in hardcore action - Party Hardcore) was this Cfnm Outdoor episode. Naughty girl jerk off her boyfriend who fell asleep on couch by the pool while two of her friends watch and giggle. […]

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