Extreme CFNM Story

Learned a story of how Extreme CFNM appeared. Remember Extreme CFNM and Loverboys are from the same company and share some content between each other. The company first came out with Loverboys cfnm site (story about Loverboys you can read here), but all agree the name sounds a big ‘gay’ isn’t it? It was already too late to dumb Loverboys with its huge members database of cfnm fans and Extreme CFNM was created as a sister site. Now that describes why there is similar content on both of them. Similar, but not identical. All extreme stuff (wives fucking strippers in the dressing room, backstage footage) appear only at Extreme CFNM site.

In your today’s portion of links I’m attaching a free site with couple of Extreme CFNM galleries for those of you who still not yet inside -

CFNM Free Site
Naughty wives show off their tits and play with strippers on stage
(Pictures taken from Extreme CFNM members area)

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