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Guys at CFNM Exposed keep on plastering new scenarios like no other cfnm site after their resurrection in March and I also see a record amount of CFNM Blog readers get their passes this month at CFNM Exposed. Be it their new episodes or special offer of two sites access if join one (remember, when you register at CFNM Exposed you get access to CFNM Idol also with its own original stories and visa versa, read about this offer here). Anyway, I very liked CFNM Exposed latest medical stagings myself. One ‘Insurance Physical Test’ with mature guy getting inspected in clinic and the other ‘Sperm Donor’ of two nurses milking cock for local cum bank. Full story of the latest one goes below:


“I was sitting in the doctor’s clinic, I had seen an ad in the paper that offered $50 for a sperm donation. I was tight on cash so I jumped at the opportunity. As I sat there glancing around my surroundings, two nurses entered the room. “Hi, I see you are Mr. Finder.” She said, looking at her chart. “I’m Nurse Star, and this is Nurse Sterling - my assistant.” she gestured to other nurse. “So today you’re here for a sperm donation?” she asked. “That’s right.” I said. Her assistant handed me a large cup, I was surprised by its size and didn’t think I could fill it. “Wow” I said, “What happened to the smaller ones?” “Well, now we need a lot more.” the nurse said, “try to fill it as much as possible.” “So I’m assuming I do it right here?” I asked “Yes.” she replied, “We’re just going to leave you here to do that and then in a minute we’ll come back in to see how you did.”
I waited for them to exit the room before standing up and removing my clothes. I looked around my surroundings for a few moment as I stimulated myself, attempting to achieve an erection. It was difficult because I felt nervous, it all seemed very clinical. Shortly after I had started the nurses discretely entered the room again. “Oh my god.” I jumped, “You guys are in here too?” “Well, we thought you might need assistance.” the head nurse said. “It seems like you’re taking a while.” she continued. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to go against your policy or anything.” I replied, feeling slightly confused. “Oh it’s not, we’re a very hands-on type of clinic.” she said…”

I include a link to ‘Sperm Donor’ sample gallery in your today’s portion of links, full story and entire video access inside CFNM Exposed -

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Lucky guy gets a handjob by two very horny nurses
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  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Boy Med Exams Says:

    […] Discovered recently a new direction in cfnm world - medical cfnm. Remember I mentioned I liked two latest CFNM Exposed medical updates (post located here), interesting to know there is a whole sub-niche devoted to medical fetish outtathere and Boy Med Exams is a perfect representative of it. The site seems a bit weird at first with huge open anal and cruel doctor with all those stuff on her table, but scroll below and you will find what you are looking for : naked guys jerking in front of female-doctor, get their penises measured up and ass-holes inspected, lol. Forget about the last one Anyway, Boy Med Exams is a bit too much for me - still got fresh memories of such medical examination I’ve had back in high-school, but you might find it interesting. […]

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