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Adds up to the medical cfnm collection - scene ‘Taking Off The Bandage’ from Pure CFNM latest update (previous two were CFNM Exposed ‘Insurance Physical Test’ and ‘Sperm Donor’). Scene with guy got injured in firework accident and female-doctor brings two nurses to exam the functionality of his organs. No worries, all ends up successfully - man has strong erection and even can cum. Checked ;)Read entire story below..:


“Doctor Charlie and her two nurses are doing their rounds. Their next patient was in a firework accident and damaged his face and groin. His groin is ready to be checked out and the two nurses and doctor put on rubber gloves before pulling the patient’s gown up and making a close inspection of his balls and the cock wrapped in bandages. The two nurses remove the bandages and the doctor even starts to slowly stroke his penis to ensure he can still get hard. The nurses ask the doctor how she knows if he can still cum and she replies that although it is unorthodox, there is only one way to find out. Then the three women take off their surgical gloves and take turns stroking his cock until he cums all over his own stomach. The nurses then mop up the patient’s cum-covered stomach before continuing on with their rounds!”

I post a link to ‘Taking Off The Bandage’ sample movies in your today’s portion of links, watch full videos of all episodes at Pure CFNM -

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Three girls give a thoroughly medical examination to naked patient
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