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Just got a reminder from Charlie, Pure CFNM owner, on the next update - ‘The TV Censorship Board’. Remember the guy Kelvin, a male model from ‘Jenny’s Talk Show’ who got nude and masturbated right in front of the camera? He was hauled and had to answer for his actions. Guess what? The committee consists of all-females who insist on seeing what’s happened for real… :)The story:


“After his performance on the Jenny Talk Show where he masturbated and came on live television, male model Kelvin is hauled in front of the television censorship board to answer for his actions. He protests his innocence but the all-female review board are not convinced and tell him that unless they see exactly what happened for themselves then he will never work in television again. Reluctantly he strips off in front of the stern-faced panel but as he removes his trousers, their mood starts to lift.
One by one they get up from their seats to have a closer inspection and even start to feel his cock for themselves, causing it to get aroused. The female watchdogs are soon wanking him furiously and after a while Kelvin can’t hold back and cums all over the table. The board seems to be impressed though and recommends he be let off without punishment.”

Full picture and video series of ‘The TV Censorship Board’ and others you can find at Pure CFNM, I include few sample photos in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Photo Gallery
Nude guy getting jerked off by a group female censors
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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