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New scenario from Pure CFNM. But first, you know what ‘Pov’ term is staying for? Abbreviation for ‘Point Of View’, when you are the main person in the scene - you don’t see a guy’s face, only his cock and few girls playing with it, you’re supposed to imagine this cock is Yours :)Well, pretty interesting if you’ve never tried that before. So update is ‘Point Of View CFNM’, here’s the original:


“A CFNM scene shot as if the action is actually happening to you, the viewer!
Natalia, Franky and Emma catch you stroking your cock and after their initial shock decide to watch for a bit. However, it’s not long before they like the look of your cock and decide to take over the stroking themselves.
They talk very dirty to you about how much they enjoy wanking a man’s cock and seeing him wank it. They call you names and play and fondle your cock until it erupts all over their hands.
But that’s not the end of it! They then play with the cum all over their hands and milk every last drop before leaving you spent and exhausted!”

I attach sample picture gallery of ‘Point Of View CFNM’ episode in your today’s portion of links, but I’d suggest you better watch full movie at Pure CFNM - it appears much more realistic there:

CFNM Picture Gallery
Two hot blondes and beautiful brunette stroking Your cock
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Brandi Belle Videos Says:

    […] Heads up on Brandi Belle if you’ve missed her private cfnm site I told you about last week. In my posts I mentioned two of her popular cfnm episodes already - ‘Penis Inspection’ and ‘Friendly Surprise’. Another most searched one - ‘Camera Guy Handjob’. It’s made in a Pov-style (like the latest Pure CFNM episode) where Brandi jerking off her friend’s cock who usually appears behind the camera, well now he’s also, but we can see a part of him… Full story: […]

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