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Not yet a member of Pure CFNM site? Well, you are missing a lot. Just watched ‘Chauvinist Tied To Railings’ episode. Hilarious. Pure CFNM really takes the things to the new level as some one already noticed. You actually feel yourself a part of the episode. Helpless guy got out of bed still sleeping to the corridor by his two female flatmates for being wrong about woman’s place last night, got undressed and tied to railings. They then cut off his boxers with scissors and slap his cock to wake him up. Naughty bitches :)Poor guy found himself absolutely naked trying to understand what has happened (watch his face this moment), girls taking some photos and leaving him like that right before female cleaner walks in… Read the original story below:


“Mike is a real male chauvinist pig - to him a woman’s place is in the kitchen and her job is to wash, cook and clean for her man. One day he goes too far with flatmates Kyla and Sarah and they decide to teach him a lesson by drugging him and tying him to the railings outside his bedroom.
Once the girls have him restrained, Kyla cuts off his boxer shorts with scissors and then slaps his cock with her hand until he wakes up. They then humiliate him and comment on how small his cock is while taking pictures and laughing. Finally they make him wank to orgasm for them and then leave him there, just as the female cleaner walks in!”

Samples of ‘Chauvinist Tied To Railings’ episode goes in your today’s portion of links, watch the full movie of this scene and others at Pure CFNM site -

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Amateur cfnm footage with UK girls humiliating their flatmate
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Male chauvinist getting stripped and humiliated by two clothed females
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