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This years first Pure CFNM scenario - ‘Return Of The French Student’. The story comes from the ‘Tricking The Foreign Student’ episode, when french student Julien was stripped by the daughter of the houseowner where he rents a room and her friend. Ashleigh was shocked by the size of Juilien’s cock and of course told about it to her sister Laura. And like any other curious girl, Laura wants to see the prove! Read the whole story below:


“Ashleigh’s mother is horrified when she hears what her daughter did to the visiting French boy.
Although Ashleigh is out, she has told her sister Laura everything about the size of Julien’s cock and while explaining it to her mother she has to see it for herself and pulls his trousers and pants down right in front of her mother!
They are both shocked at it’s size and admire it for a while before telling Julien to get it to full length for them. Again he doesn’t know what the crazy English women are doing but he does as he’s told.
Laura’s mother enjoys groping and fondling the young man’s cock and balls and with their encouragement it isn’t long before he cums all over the floor in front of them.”

In your today’s portion of links you will find sample clips of ‘Return Of The French Student’ episode, full movie as well as ‘Tricking The Foreign Student’ scene and many other breathtaking cfnm scenarios can be found at Pure CFNM site -

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Curious Laura and her mom admiring their renter Julien’s big cock
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