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For those of you who follow our Pure CFNM newsletter, latest episode - ‘Uncle’s Dressing Gown’. New participants, Tiffany invites her friends, Yazmin and Natasha to her uncle’s place. Uncle meets the girls in a dressing gown. Two of the girls sit in front of uncle when they notice he wears no panties under his robe. Full story below:


“Tiffany goes round to see a long-standing family friend who she refers to as “uncle”. She takes her two friends Yazmin and Natasha with her but when they take a seat on the sofa they are shocked to see that they can see right up her uncle’s dressing gown. They try to ignore it but as they sit there making small talk and sipping their tea the girls have to mention it and uncle nearly dies of embarrassment. However, it seems the girls quite liked what they saw beneath his robe and they ask for another, closer look. Not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, the hesitant uncle undoes his robe and shows them his naked body and its not long before the girls are grabbing hold themselves for a good old feel! As he sits there stroking himself for them and then getting wanked by these three young girls its not long before the uncle reaches a very loud orgasm much to the girls delight.”

I include cfnm gallery with sample pictures of ‘Uncle’s Dressing Gown’ episode in your today’s portion of links, full series plus video of this and many other great cfnm stories see at Pure CFNM -

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Uncle stroking cock in front of his niece and her two friends
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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