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Front CFNM Exposed page was updated yesterday, first time since for long - new episodes previews added now. Here is the one of them I like - ‘Surprise Nudist Cleaner’. A guy decides to make some extra money and get a job as a nudist cleaner, he supposed to clean the house completely naked. His first clients - two hot girls… Here’s full story:


“It was just before Christmas and I had taken this extra job, part time to raise a little money for presents. The only catch was, it was a naked cleaners service. Basically, people would call up for a cleaner service and I’d get dispatched over to their house. Once I arrived, all I had to do was strip off and clean up around the place. The pay was great and it was easy, but today was my first visit out and I was very nervous. I arrived on time and after double-checking I had the correct address, I got out of my car and jogged up the steps to what appeared to be their front door. I knocked on the door and stood up straight, trying to look cute. The door opened fairly quickly, as if they’d be expecting me. A very attractive girl wearing glasses answered the door and another girl stood behind her. “Hello?” she said. “Hi, maid service!” I said, enthusiastically! “Okay, come in.” She said, she seemed shy. “Okay.” I said, making sure to wipe my feet before stepping inside. I wandered in and looked around before promptly asking, “In here?” gesturing towards what appeared to be the living room. “Yeah, as you can see we hard a pretty heavy party last night.” “Yeah I can tell!” I said, “Well, I’d better get started.” “Okay” said the girl who had greeted me at the door, “We’ll be upstairs if you need anything.” “Okay” I said, slightly confused. Why were they going upstairs if they hired a naked cleaner? I shrugged it off, took off my clothes and began cleaning, not giving it any thought. I started off dusting around the fireplace. After some time the girls came down, and the redhead…”

A link to few sample clips from ‘Surprise Nudist Cleaner’ episode goes in your today’s portion of links, full movie and picture series available at CFNM Exposed -

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Two girls giving handjob to a cleaner nudist at work
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  1. Tommie Says:

    I’m a member of that site. It’s quite good, and I frequently find myself watching the videos. They have a nice selection of scenarios. Now, if we could just get a few more of medium to smaller size guys being measured in spite of their discomfort with the idea …

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