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According to search results Pure CFNM ‘Mommys Boy’ episode staring Elliot became most popular among cfnm fans. This friday another story featuring Elliot was released (two previous were - already mentioned ‘Mummys Boy’ and ‘Spanked by Mother’). This time Elliot got a job as a courier, he’s first delivery address and Katie opens the door. The package turns out to be opened, Belle, Katie’s friend, blames Elliot for that, but says his boss wouldn’t know if Elliot will show both of the girls what he’s packing down his tight cycling shorts… Read the full story below:


“Elliot gets a job as a courier but when he turns up to deliver a package to Belle and Katie, it’s a package of a different kind that they are interested in. As Katie opens the door, she can’t take her eyes off the bulge in his tight courier’s cycling shorts. Belle isn’t happy though as it appears the package has been opened and she blames Elliot. He protests his innocence but she says unless he shows her what’s in his shorts she is going to tell his boss that he was tampering with her mail. Reluctantly he strips off and before long he is sitting on the sofa between the two girls with them staring at and touching his naked body and bulging cock. But these girls want more and Belle commands him to start wanking it for them and as he gets more excited, she forces him to cum on his own delivery sheet while they watch!”

In your today’s portion of links you get two sample galleries of ‘The Courier’ episode, full movie as well as all the rest scenarios with Elliot and many others you can access inside Pure CFNM -

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Two girls watch naked Elliot jerk and cum on delivery sheet
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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  1. Tommie Says:

    Do the British accents bother anyone else? Usually, I enjoy accents, but listening to the women on this site repeatedly talk about “wankers” just makes me want to pick up my mobile and scream, “What the bloody hell!”

    It’s a bit much, don’t you think? At least Madam Sonia spent most of her time silently tormenting the naked males before her.

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Pure CFNM Cock Says:

    […] Pure CFNM friday’s update - ‘The Physics Problem’. New participants Corinne and Tiffany. They appear to be friends with Belle (we know her from ‘The Courier’, ‘Slumber Party’ and few other Pure CFNM episodes). Corinne and Tiffany stuck with home task and ring up Belle for help, but instead of helping with Physics, Belle tells them about Simon, when she and Myla stripped him off and forced to masturbate (‘Slip Off The Towel’ episode). The girls find this exciting and invite Simon to their place under pretense of helping them with the task. Read full story below: […]

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