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Hey new scene from Pure CFNM released on friday night - ‘Slip Of The Towel’. Student house, it’s almost bed time. Girls need the bathroom while Simon delays in there, wonder why? Myla knocks up the door, getting a bit distracted she decides to pay a revenge. Soon as Simon comes out, Myla rushes past him taking his towel off. Absolutely naked Simon stays up infront of giggling Belle. Belle did like what she saw and tells about it Myla. Later girls come into his bedroom to apologize and… Full story goes below:


“Myla wants to use the bathroom but Simon is in there.When he finally comes out she rushes past him and grabs the towel round his waist and pulls it off as she closes the bathroom door behind him. This leaves a horrified Simon standing naked in the hallway with Belle staring at him and laughing her head off!
He rushes off in embarrassment but shortly afterwards the girls come into his bedroom to apologize and say they were sorry for laughing at him. In fact they really liked what they saw when he was naked and they are keen to have another look.
Simon isn’t sure but eventually the girls talk him into it and before long he is standing in front of them naked. He sits inbetween the two girls as they stare wide-eyed at his cock. As he starts to wank it to a large erection they lie on the bed either side of him and after a while it is too much for him and he cums all over his stomach.”

As usual full movie and pictures of ‘Slip Of The Towel’ episode can be found at Pure CFNM site,

Link to lower quality sample pictures I’m attaching in your today’s portion of links -

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Clother girls watching their wanking on bed roommate
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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