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New story from Pure CFNM - ‘Spanked By Mother’. It goes as a continuation of ‘Mummys Boy’ episode with already not so young son being forced to jerk off by his sister when their mother caught them. I’m impressed how Pure CFNM guys manage to compile such amazing story lines. Here - mother decides to punish Elliot as she got involved in that accident. She makes him take his clothes off to teach him how to behave when women are around when… her friend Ola walks in! Read the story:


“After cumming at the breakfast table in front of his mother and sister, Elliot’s mother is unhappy that she got involved and she is going to punish him for it.
She tells him she is going to teach him a lesson about how to behave when he is around women. She makes him take his trousers and underwear off and then makes him stand there while she stares at him.
Suddenly the door opens and his mother’s friend Ola walks in. She is totally shocked at what she sees but his mother explains that they must teach him a lesson and the two women pull him over their knees and give his ass a good spanking!
Unfortunately it seems to have the opposite effect and Elliot stands up again with a hard-on! His mother isn’t happy but decides to let Ola see what her son is made of. So before he knows it Elliot is standing there in front of the two women stroking his cock until he cums all over the floor just inches from their faces!”

Two sample cfnm galleries of ‘Spanked By Mother’ episode goes in your today’s portion of links, full list of stories with movies available inside Pure CFNM members area -

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Clothed females watching half-naked guy stroking cock
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    […] According to search results Pure CFNM ‘Mommys Boy’ episode staring Elliot became most popular among cfnm fans. This friday another story featuring Elliot was released (two previous were - already mentioned ‘Mummys Boy’ and ‘Spanked by Mother’). This time Elliot got a job as a courier, he’s first delivery address and Katie opens the door. The package turns out to be opened, Belle, Katie’s friend, blames Elliot for that, but says his boss wouldn’t know if Elliot will show both of the girls what he’s packing down his tight cycling shorts… Read the full story below: […]

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