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Sex Parties

Posted in CFNM, Sex Parties on July 31st, 2006

Cfnm was originated from the UK, no wonder - UK is famous for producing all kind of dirty stuff. There’s one company operated in UK products of which I introduced you long before : Cheaters Uncovered, Dogging Uncovered (read about first here and second here). Now they bring us something non-less crazy - Sex Parties. Genuine UK swinger parties with local pornstars where everything happen from cfnm facials to gangbang orgies…

Check out sample clips on front page of Sex Parties, link is in in your today’s portion of links -

Amateurs and ponstars swinger fuck parties on video
(Movies taken from Sex Parties members area)

Pure CFNM Medical Exam

Posted in CFNM on July 29th, 2006

Adds up to the medical cfnm collection - scene ‘Taking Off The Bandage’ from Pure CFNM latest update (previous two were CFNM Exposed ‘Insurance Physical Test’ and ‘Sperm Donor’). Scene with guy got injured in firework accident and female-doctor brings two nurses to exam the functionality of his organs. No worries, all ends up successfully - man has strong erection and even can cum. Checked ;)Read entire story below..:


“Doctor Charlie and her two nurses are doing their rounds. Their next patient was in a firework accident and damaged his face and groin. His groin is ready to be checked out and the two nurses and doctor put on rubber gloves before pulling the patient’s gown up and making a close inspection of his balls and the cock wrapped in bandages. The two nurses remove the bandages and the doctor even starts to slowly stroke his penis to ensure he can still get hard. The nurses ask the doctor how she knows if he can still cum and she replies that although it is unorthodox, there is only one way to find out. Then the three women take off their surgical gloves and take turns stroking his cock until he cums all over his own stomach. The nurses then mop up the patient’s cum-covered stomach before continuing on with their rounds!”

I post a link to ‘Taking Off The Bandage’ sample movies in your today’s portion of links, watch full videos of all episodes at Pure CFNM -

CFNM Movie Gallery
Three girls give a thoroughly medical examination to naked patient
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Hot CFNM Movies

Posted in CFNM on July 27th, 2006

A whole new page of cfnm movies been added since I last told you about CFNM Movie Theater. A portal with clothed females naked males movies you won’t find any other place. These are all original scenarios I haven’t seen on any other of dozens of cfnm sites I mentioned here on CFNM Blog. I have no idea who makes them, but they’re definitely worth to check out. I picked up the following from latest addition : ‘Spanking Bitches’ with two girls bend over a naked guy, ‘Boxing Bitches’ with two chicks punching tied up man and ‘The Nude Roommate’ with well-played realistic story.

Find the link to the theater in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movie Theater @ Exclusive cfnm videos on demand
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In The VIP Crew

Posted in CFNM, In The VIP on July 25th, 2006

I’ve told you about In The VIP site before which was in my bookmarks for some time. It’s devoted to american style clubbing with chicks get drunk and horny for their guys. There’s actually a ’summer’ variant of In The VIP which was launched not long ago - VIP Crew. Two crazy hunks cruise sunny States and record their advenutres on video. See them attend local beach-, pool- and all other kind of parties with always lots of wild bikini girls and booze…

Check sample clips from latests VIP Crew updates on the front page and watch full videos inside -

Real life mega fuck bikini parties with VIP Crew
(Movies taken from VIP Crew members area)

Brandi Belle Free

Posted in CFNM, Brandi Belle on July 23rd, 2006

Finally something new from this cock-crazed girl Brandi Bell you will find interesting - episode ‘Poker I Dont Even Know Her’. Brandi sends her photographer on vacation and gets another one who comes with fresh ideas for the scene and a bit higher than average attitude. Brandi also brings two famous pornstars, I don’t know blonde but busty brunette is Giana Michaels and show begin. Two amateur guys, two experienced girls and Brandi sit at the Poker table for some ‘play’. (we’ve seen Poker scenes already from Pure CFNM ‘Cheated At Strip Poker’ and CFNM Exposed ‘Strip Poker’, but no one made it as much entertaining as Brandi did). Read story below and better watch free sample movie in your today’s portion of links to see what actually happens during the scene : both guys get stripped, abused and rewarded with top-notch handjobs and blowjobs from these sex-matured babes.


“I finally understand the meaning of the word pretentious, i looked it up in the dictionary and right beside the word was a picture of the guy who shot and edited this movie. My regular guy who shoots and edits all my movies went off on vacation so rather than sit on my ass while he was away i had him recomend a friend of his who goes to film school (at a community college i should mention) any way this guy was a big jerk and way too bossy and took himself way too seriosuly. He wore a barret and sunglasses (even when he was indoors!!!) When i first met him he was real nice and got me excited about the shoot he had in mind so i called up a few of my girlfriends who are actually professionals in the biz to be in the shoot with me (im sure you’ll recognize them) anyway we started the shoot at 9 in the morning and didnt finish till god knows when… he insisted on getting all these different angles and blah blah blah something about french new wave…what a fag we all got so fed up with him we kicked him off teh shoot 3 quarters into it so if you notice a lack in quality towards the end dont let him know that or it will add to his allready overblown ego. i wa snice enough to let him edit it which is why the opening of the movie is in black and white which he claims is symbolic for somethin or other.. i showed the shoot to my friends they all thought is was “amazing” to me if its amaing its only cause of the wonderful sucking and fucking me and girlfriends are oh so good at..but ill let you be the critic…oh yeah, we forced some dude to eat catfood now thats amazing!!!! check it out”

story free preview clip below -

CFNM Free Video
Brandi with her friends humiliate nude guys at strip poker
(Video taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Free Cfnm Top

Posted in CFNM on July 21st, 2006

Additional to the net of my cfnm resources - Cfnm Blog, Cfnm Party Sex and now Cfnm Top. Basically, a cfnm toplist with different cfnm sites listed and ranked by a number of votes from other people who visited this or that site. I will be reviewing all resources for this list myself, so I certify you won’t find any crap there - be safe to explore Cfnm Top. There’s not many sites listed for now as it was launched yesterday night, but feel free to bookmark Cfnm Top and check back regularly for all your cfnm needs so as Cfnm Blog ;)

Free Cfnm Top @ Ranked Clothed Females Nude Males Sites

Oceans East Handjobs Story

Posted in CFNM, Oceans East Handjobs on July 19th, 2006

Story from yesterday’s update at newest cfnm site I told you about, Oceans East Handjobs - ‘Who’s In Charge?’. Staring a guy who registered for ordinary handjob session, as he thinks, and Faith the girl who gets off from nothing else than humiliating naked guys. Read it below..:


“This guy thinks he is getting an ordinary handjob from a cute “sub” girl. But Faith has something else in mind. She decides to put him in his place, She ties him to the table, telling him “I’ll decide when you cum and even if you cum”. She plays a little head game with him when she stops Jerking a few times laughs at him and asks “Does that make you mad?” She then humiliates him by making answer a series of degrading questions every time She stops the Jerk…”Who’s in charge?”….”Who has all the power?”…”Who has no power?” After Faith lets him cum and he is covered in his own ejaculate, she looks at him and asks one more time for good measure “Now who was in Control?”, to which he sheepishly replies “You”. Faith Rules!!!. ”

Access full video of the story inside Oceans East Handjobs site, link is in your today’s portion of links -

Naughty girl humiliates a nude tied up to guy
(Movies taken from Oceans East Handjobs members area)

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