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CFNM Exposed Delayed

Posted in CFNM, CFNM Exposed on February 27th, 2006

Got an enquiry from several of you about updates at CFNM Exposed. You might have noticed there were no changes on their front page since december (if you follow updates there), nor was there anything added inside members area since than. I talked to the owner a month ago, he replied some changes are made to provide more comfortable access to the site, while I liked the interface the way it was. I contacted him one week ago, reply was the same - upgrade is in the process. I very liked the idea of CFNM Exposed, this site with its realistic episodes followed by stories was a Huge step forward in whole CFNM History (the other site Pure CFNM shares the same idea by the way), but lack of updates was a definite miss from his side. Be sure I will keep you posted on how things going with CFNM Exposed, remember many of you were registering with CFNM Exposed after each of my post before, which mean you like that too…

Keep tuned

Pure CFNM Masturbation

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on February 25th, 2006

Friday night update from Pure CFNM - ‘Watching A Movie’. Guy Harry happily agrees to watch a movie with his two female friends, but he didn’t suspect what Tia and Katie prepared for him… I’m attaching the story below:


“Harry has been invited over to watch a movie with friends Tia and Katie. What he doesn’t know is that they have a plan to get him naked and when he gets aroused looking at one of the girls in the film and has to cover his groin with a cushion, Tia seizes the opportunity - literally!
She rubs his groin under the cushion until he has a hard on and then pulls it away and shows Katie. They like what they see and convince him to stand up and undress so they can get a better look. With poor Harry sitting naked in between them they take advantage of him and take it in turns to stroke his cock to get him rock hard. Then they instruct him to wank for them and as they fondle his balls, he can’t hold back and cums all over his stomach!”

You’ll find two sample galleries of ‘Watching A Movie’ episode in your today’s portion of links, full movie of this story and many other ones available inside Pure CFNM -

CFNM Free Site
CFNM scene with two clothed girls masturbate Harrys cock
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

Pure CFNM Clips

Posted in CFNM, Pure CFNM on February 23rd, 2006

Talked to the owner of Pure CFNM yesterday and he allowed me to grab couple movie clips from the members area to share with you. I picked up the very first episode to appear at Pure CFNM, and I still think it is the best one, with a guy getting caught jerking in the bathroom by two hot women. And I remember I told you about this episode in my Pure CFNM introduction post (located here).

Link to the page with Pure CFNM movie clips included in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Movies
Two clothed women humiliating a guy in the bath
(Movies taken from Pure CFNM members area)

CFNM Top Sites

Posted in CFNM on February 21st, 2006

You should already have noticed link to CFNM Top which is on the right side of this page, don’t you? Click it to rank CFNM Blog higher and to check out some more personal cfnm sites created by other cfnm lovers. I was surprised how many cfnm resources outta there. I’d suggest you to check Visual Sensations 4 Women, All Things CFNM, Helen’s Personal CFNM Blog and CFNM Forum I’ve already told you about from that list. Link to the top goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Top Sites
List of ranked amateur cfnm sites from CFNM Top List
(All the linking information belongs to CFNM Top List)

Cheaters Uncovered UK

Posted in CFNM, Cheaters Uncovered on February 19th, 2006

Was going through the list of cfnm sites this weekend in search for something new, here’s what I found out - Cheaters Uncovered. First time I introduced you this site back in September (review is here), surfing cfnm boards recenly I noticed Cheaters Uncovered became rather popular among cfnm fans all across the world now. Remember Cheaters Uncovered featured only US strippers parties before, but horay Loverboys are on their trip to UK! London, Liverpool, Manchester and several other cities held that crazy strippers events. See complete list of locations at Cheaters Uncovered, I won’t surprise if you spot your wife playing with stripper dick in one of those movies, shows are packed to the limit. Visit Cheaters Uncovered.

I include couple of sample galleries from Cheaters Uncovered UK trip in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
UK cheating wives misbehave with strippers at a real cfnm party
(Pictures taken from Cheaters Uncovered members area)

Extreme CFNM Story

Posted in CFNM, Extreme CFNM on February 17th, 2006

Learned a story of how Extreme CFNM appeared. Remember Extreme CFNM and Loverboys are from the same company and share some content between each other. The company first came out with Loverboys cfnm site (story about Loverboys you can read here), but all agree the name sounds a big ‘gay’ isn’t it? It was already too late to dumb Loverboys with its huge members database of cfnm fans and Extreme CFNM was created as a sister site. Now that describes why there is similar content on both of them. Similar, but not identical. All extreme stuff (wives fucking strippers in the dressing room, backstage footage) appear only at Extreme CFNM site.

In your today’s portion of links I’m attaching a free site with couple of Extreme CFNM galleries for those of you who still not yet inside -

CFNM Free Site
Naughty wives show off their tits and play with strippers on stage
(Pictures taken from Extreme CFNM members area)

CFNM Sites

Posted in CFNM on February 15th, 2006

See what I have for you for today - CFNM Sites, the page with links to some of my fav cfnm sites galleries. Click the site name you are interested in and it will take you to gallery with cfnm pics from that site. CFNM Sites is a part of CFNM Party Sex, my private cfnm portal I told you about on Christmas Night. It took me awhile to hunt all those pics and categorize them by site, but hope it will make it more easier for you to decide on which cfnm site to join.

The link goes in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Sites
Some sample galleries from my favorite CFNM Sites
(Pictures taken from different CFNM Sites)

CFNM Webmasters - Click Here!